Game Article, Track & Field | April 19, 2016

MVMS Tracksters Score Well in District Meet


Mountain Valley Middle School was busy in Wimberley last Friday as their District Track Meet had all hands on deck for this event.

“We are really proud of how all of our kids competed at the district meet,” Athletic Coordinator Brandon Pawelek said. “They worked hard all season and we had quite a few personal records throughout our boys and girls teams……We had school records set by Nic Rivera in both 110 and 300 meter hurdles, as well as, Devon Cordell in the discus as well as both 7th and 8th grade girls 4×100 meter relay teams.”

MV Hawk Proud

                MV Hawk Proud

The Hawks had several athletes that excelled on Friday with Rivera topping all MVMS students scoring 28 points after combining all events Rivera was entered.

Those boys hurdles will be busy next year for Canyon Lake as that is presently the best part of the Hawks high school team headlined by Brandon Courtney.

Well, Rivera served notice that he is ready to make his mark after setting MVMS bests in those events with two 1st place finishes.

Rivera’s 16.31 time in the 110 hurdle run would stand as the 4th best for the High School while the 300 hurdle event he stands in 5th place with his time of 43.26.

Rivera was not the only athlete with impressive numbers as Canyon Lake Girls can hardly wait for Kaitlyn Yuill to be in attendance and add some points in those longer races.

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Yuill finished 2nd in the mile and 1st in the 2400 meter run, as those 18 points would not be contested by any Hawks. Those points would be valued as a gold standard in year’s to come.

“The girls all around had a great season,” Girls Coach Rachel Miller calculated. “They have been working really hard and competing every week to earn spots to go to the different meets and it showed at district with the majority of the girls running their best times.”

Both of the Girls grades were near the top of the heap as both 7th and 8th graders have some good track athletes.

“With the 8th graders, it really came down to the very last race, 4×400, to decide the district champion,” Coach Miller continued. “The girls ran their best time all season and I could not have been prouder.”

Mountain Valley will be loaded with good 8th graders next season too as this year’s 7th Grade Girls scored in many of the events.

“The 7th graders have shown great potential to be very competitive in track,” Coach Miller praised. “I’m excited to see how they continued to grow and progress for next year…..We ended up 3rd overall at district and with this group, and yes, some was in part to our field events point lacking.”

MV only amassed 14 points in the field events when Karleigh Schedlbauer won the triple jump and place 5th in the long jump for 12 of those points.

“I’m not worried about them next year,” Coach Miller contemplated. “Throughout the season they showed they could perform in those events and every day is a new day and you have to bring your best and unfortunately at district we jumped and threw a little short.”

Madison Churbe had an impressive 13 second 100 meter run which ranks 2nd all time for the Hawk High School team and will help bolster more depth and points when she arrives on the high school campus next season.ads-300-x-600

MV also had 3 girls place in the 400 meter dash with all recording under 69 seconds finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Liliana Eyster, Kalani Thorpe, and Hailey Forester were separated by just .44 of a second.

Thorpe scored a 4th place in the 800 meter run which is another gold standard run that the present varsity team has not had luck in scoring points.

Alicia Niestemski finished 1st in the 200 meter dash as this student was one of 8 other Hawks to finish the day in double digits. Niestemski scored 19 points just 4 points behind Churbe.

The Hawk Varsity girls will lose 3 hurdle runners to graduation but there will be help on its way as Lainee Moses and Alyssa Strickland scored 20 points total in those two hurdle events.

That speed had the 8th Grade Girls finish 1st in the 4×100 relay with a time that would finish 4th on the Varsity Girls All-Time marks.

Last year as 7th Graders this group of ladies finished with a 54.78 and one year later came across the finish line with a time of 53.09.

Staying with the Girls, Mountain Valley’s 7th Grade Girls upped the ante with a 53.00, 4×100 relay time giving you an idea of the speed demons coming up through the ranks as those times are pretty lofty.

Karleigh Schedlbauer was the high point scorer for the 7th Grade Girls with 26 points and finishing 1st in the long jump and as part of the 4×100 relay team. Schedlbauer had points in all 5 events entered.

MVMS Boys 7th Grade was led by Troy Eyster with 19.5 points as he finished first in the 300 meter hurdles while Craig White won the shot-put for the Hawks.

CL Boys have added some distance runners and will have some more help coming in next year as Cayden McLaughlin, Jakob Christensen, and Kyle Yuill will be coming through the ranks as those athletes scored points in those marathon runs.

Crawfish Are Good For You! Go Hawks!!

Crawfish Are Good For You! Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!

Seth Titzman finished first in the open 400 meter dash crossing the line with a 57.05 and followed by Fabian Celis just .82 for a second place trophy.

Devin Cordell had a first place, 133-1.25 discus throw for Mountain Valley as the shot put event had 3 Hawks scoring with Cordell finishing with a 4th place, Jeremiah Price coming in 3rd and Jackson Stricker with a 5th place throw.

When you can get 3 Hawks in the points in one event then that will tell you how deep the depth has progressed as those 3 Hawks garnered 12 points.

Another 1st place happened in the 100 meter dash for the 7th grade boys when Ryan Rivali hit the tape in 12.68 time.

A lot of good happenings as this group of athletes get closer to high school and with each year can hopefully improve on those times and throws and jumps for some great memories for years to come.

Congrats Mountain Valley and Go Hawks!!

                         Mountain Valley Middle School District Meet

                               100 meter dash
 8th Grade Boys                               8th Grade Girls
 Paul Martinez       12.75   5th              Madison Churbe       13.00    1st

                               200 meter dash
 Cody Kline          26.21   5th              Alisia Niestemski    29.31    1st
                                              Angelina Covarrubias 30.00    6th

                               400 meter dash
 Seth Titzman        57.05   1st              Liliana Eyster       68.24    2nd
 Fabian Celis        57.87   2nd              Kalani Thorpe        68.60    3rd
 Hailey Forester     68.68   4th

                                800 meter run
 Cayden McLaughlin   2:22.82 5th              Kalani Thorpe        2:43.07  4th

                                1600 meter run
 Jakob Christensen   5:25.08 5th              Kaitlyn Yuill        6:00.00  2nd
 Kyle Yuill          5:32.92 6th

                                2400 meter run
                                              Kaitlyn Yuill        9:21.91  1st

                              110/100 meter hurdles
Nic Rivera           16.31   1st              Lainee Moses         17.46    2nd
Bryce Vincent        18.94   6th              Alyssa Strickland    17.56    3rd
                               300 meter hurdles
 Nic Rivera          43.26   1st              Lainee Moses          54.11   4th
 Bryce Vincent       46.46   3rd              Alyssa Strickland     54.48   5th

                                 4x100 relay
 MV Hawks            48.84   6th              MV Hawks              53.09   1st
 Paul Martinez       Chance Titzman           Alyssa Strickland  Marley Carrizales
 Seth Titzman        Cody Kline               Alisia Niestemski  Madison Churbe

                                 4x200 relay
 MV Hawks            1:41.81 3rd              MV Hawks              1:54.04  2nd
 Paul Martinez       Chance Titzman           Angelina Covarrubias Liliana Ester
 Bryce Vincent       Cody Kline               Hailey Forester      Madison Churbe

                                 4x400 relay
 MV Hawks            3:54.47 2nd              MV Hawks              4:32.95  3rd
 Fabian Celis        Cayden McLaughlin        Alisia Niestemski    Lainee Moses
 Nic Rivera          Seth Titzman             Liliana Easter       Hailey Forester

                                 long jump
 Nic Rivera          17-9.5   5th             Madison Churbe        14-11.5  4th
                                              Marley Carrizales     14-04    5th
                                              Alisia Niestemski     14-02    6th

                                 triple jump
 Nic Rivera          36-2     5th             Marley Carrizales     29-04.25 5th

 Devin Cordell       133-1.25 1st             Jade Lawless          86-05.75 3rd       
                                  shot put
 Jeremiah Price      40-7     3rd             Madison Puente        31-07    4th
 Devin Cordell       40-6.25  4th
 Jackson Stricker    39-7.5   5th

                                 high jump
 Brandon Powers      5-0      4th             Randi Green           4-02     4th
 Chance Titzman      4-10     6th

                                pole vault
                                              Amber Leach           7-06     3rd


 7th Grade Boys               100 meter dash  7th Grade Girls
 Ryan Rivali          12.68   1st             Alexa Smith           13.72    2nd
 Preston Nelms        13.45   6th             Karleigh Schedlbauer  13.94    3rd

                              200 meter dash
                                              Sierra Natal          28.31    2nd
                                              Riley Shear           29.15    3rd

                              400 meter dash
 Javier Soto          65.38   4th             Kenzie Sayles         69.11    2nd

                              1600 meter run
 Jake Peters          5:56.00 5th             Naomi Shadle          6:03.00  4th

                              2400 meter run
                                              Naomi Shadle          9:47.00  3rd

                            110/100 meter hurdle
 Logan Cruz           19.28   3rd             Patrice Martinez      18.28    3rd
 Nathan Weiskopf      19.60   4th             Hannah Cortez         18.93    6th

                             300 meter hurdle
 Troy Eyster          49.68   1st
 Braden Jowers        53.21   6th

                               4x100 relay
 MV Hawks             51.90   5th             MV Hawks              53.00    1st
 Logan Cruz          Nathan Weiskopf          Alexa Smith     Riley Shear
 Ryan Rivali         Troy Ester               Sierra Natal    Karleigh Schedlbauer

                               4x200 relay
 MV Hawks             1:53.83 4th             MV Hawks              1:58.29  3rd
 Javier Soto         Nathan Weiskopf          Emma Coffee     Riley Shear
 Braden Jowers       Ryan Rivali              Kenzie Sayles   Alexa Smith

                               4x400 relay
 MV Hawks             4:27.44 6th             MV Hawks              4:45.92  3rd
 Troy Eyster         Braden Jowers            Karleigh Schedlbauer  Hannah Cortez
 Logan Cruz          Javier Soto              Sierra Natal          Kenzie Sayles

                               long jump
 Nathan Weiskopf      16-1   4th              Karleigh Schedlbauer  14-10    1st
                                              Riley Shear           13-10.5  5th

                               triple jump
 Troy Eyster          31-7.5 2nd              Karleigh Schedibauer  29-4     5th

                                 shot put
 Craig White          35-1   1st
 Eric Tuetsch         33-2.5 6th
                           MV Hawks Points Scored
 7th Grade Boys                              7th Grade Girls
 Troy Eyster         19.5                    Karleigh Schedlbauer      26
 Ryan Rivali         13.0                    Riley Shear               16
 Nathan Weiskopf     11.0                    Sierra Natal              16
 Craig White         10.0                    Alexa Smith               16
 Logan Cruz           7.5                    Kenzie Sayles             14
 Javier Soto          6.5                    Naomi Shadle              10
 Braden Jowers        3.5                    Patrice Martinez           6
 Jake Peters          2.0                    Hannah Cortez              4
 Eric Tuetsch         1.0                    Emma Coffee                3
 Preston Nelms        1.0


 8th Grade Boys                              8th Grade Girls
 Nic Rivera          28.0                    Madison Churbe            23
 Seth Titzman        14.5                    Alisia Niestemski         19
 Devin Cordell       14.0                    Kaitlyn Yuill             18
 Fabian Celis        12.0                    Liliana Eyster            15
 Bryce Vincent        9.0                    Lainee Moses              15
 Jeremiah Price       7.0                    Alyssa Strickland         13
 Cayden McLaughlin    6.0                    Hailey Forester           11
 Paul Martinez        5.5                    Kalani Thorpe             10
 Cody Kline           5.5                    Marley Carrizales          9
 Chance Titzman       4.5                    Amber Leach                6
 Brandon Powers       4.0                    Jade Lawless               6
 Jakob Christensen    2.0                    Angelina Covarrubias       5
 Jackson Stricker     2.0                    Madison Puente             4
 Kyle Yuill           1.0                    Randi Green                4
 Ethan Slater         1.0