Track & Field | April 17, 2016

Track Area Meet this Thursday and how Hawks Stack Up

Junior Brandon Courtney will be favored in this week's Area Meet in the 300 Meter Hurdle race

Junior Brandon Courtney will be favored in this week’s Area Meet in the 300 Meter Hurdle race

Jumping into this week’s Area Track Meet in Liberty Hill will be next on the docket as The ReSporter will look at District 25-4A results and compare those marks to Canyon Lake and the athletes that will be participating.

Thursday will be a day when the field of 4 qualifiers will be whittled down to the top 2 having a chance in competing in the Region Meet.

By looking at the results below from District 25-4A you will see Canyon Lake students that competing and give you an opportunity to see what that athlete will need to perform, in a perfect world, and go another week.

Also note that there are CL’s District 26-4A students being added to that list of athletes entered in those particular events.

Go Hawks!

  Go Hawks!

For instance, Austin Camacho won the 800 meter run in Cuero two weeks ago and so now you can see below how he will rank against the other district.

A runner from Llano ran his race right at 4 seconds faster but the second place finisher from District 25 finished right at the same time for Camacho.

The object of this meet is being in the top 2 for a chance of going on and eventually win a chance for competing in Austin.

CL Hawks have a chance based on the times and marks below of qualifying 4 to 5 athletes in individual events if the times were performed in the same meet with the schools from the other district.

Now that you can get your mind around that nugget, you will be able to decipher what will need to happen for this group of Hawks.

What Grade for Canyon Lake in student’s competing on Thursday.

               Hawk Boys               Hawk Girls
               Seniors      4          Seniors      2
               Juniors      2          Juniors      3
               Sophomores   4          Sophomores   2
                                       Freshman     1

Another testament for how this school keeps stacking young talent. Looking at the Girls and seeing a freshman and then 4 Sophomores going for the Boys track team.

Go Hawks!!

                District 25-4A District Results Top 4

 Boys                        100 meter          Girls
                       Alysha Perez   13.24     Taylor        11.84
                                                Lampasas      12.85
                                                Salado        12.89
                                                Lampasas      13.15

                             400 meter
                       Skylar Hurst   60.35     Liberty Hill  59.79
                                                Lampasas      60.12
                                                Salado        61.66
                                                Burnet        63.35

                             800 meter
 Llano       1:58.31   Austin Camacho 2:02.25
 Llano       2:02.22
 Burnet      2:03.95
 Taylor      2:04.75

                        110/110 meter hurdles
 Burnet        14.84   Brandon Courtney 15.21   Liberty Hill  15.61
 Lampasas      15.67   Bailey Drum      16.31   Salado        15.90
 Salado        15.83   Emma Gray        16.90   Burnet        16.80
 Salado        15.85                            Burnet        16.88

                          300 meter hurdles
 Burnet        41.24   Brandon Courtney 38.79   Taylor        47.09
 Llano         42.15   Caimen McDonough 41.06   Salado        48.01
 Liberty Hill  43.77   Bailey Drum      47.98   Liberty Hill  48.81
 Salado        43.85                            Salado        49.38

                           4x100 relay
 Burnet        42.44   CL Boys         44.00    Salado        50.35
 Taylor        43.37   CL Girls        51.92    Liberty Hill  52.34
 Liberty Hill  43.47                            Burnet        52.87
 Salado        44.01                            Llano         52.89

                           4x200 relay
 Burnet       1:31.14  CL Boys       1:31.67    Liberty Hill 1:44.63
 Liberty Hill 1:31.95  CL Girls      1:47.70    Lampasas     1:49.83
 Lampasas     1:31.97                           Taylor       1:51.23
 Salado       1:34.70                           Burnet       1:53.17

                           4x400 relay
 Burnet       3:24.25  CL Boys       3:26.95    Liberty Hill 4:02.75
 Llano        3:25.26  CL Girls      4:07.39    Taylor       4:07.23
 Lampasas     3:28.42                           Lampasas     4:12.85
 Liberty Hill 3:36.88                           Salado       4:14.06

                          triple jump
                       Bailey Drum  36-07.50    Taylor      36-07.50
                                                Salado      34-08.50
                                                Lampasas    34-04.00
                                                Lampasas    33-11.50

                           high jump
 Burnet       6-00.00  Heath McDonough  6-03    Liberty Hill 5-00.00
 Lampasas     5-08.00  Caimen McDonough 5-10    Liberty Hill 4-10.00
 Llano        5-08.00  Emma Gray        5-00    Burnet       4-10.00
 Burnet       5-08.00                           Lampasas     4-10.00

 Llano        50-04.5  Robert Woods    46-01
 Llano        48-11.0
 Liberty Hill 45-05.5
 Lampasas     45-02.0