Track & Field | April 5, 2016

Track & Field Starts Tomorrow! Go Hawks!!

Hawk Proud

                     Hawk Proud

Canyon Lake will embark this Wednesday for their 2 day trek of climbing a hill as both the Boys and

Girls track teams have legitimate chances for claiming a district championship.

This year has seen many firsts for Canyon Lake, as the Volleyball team claimed the first district crown when they finished District 26-4A undefeated.

Football made the playoffs for the 3rd year in a row while both the Boys Basketball and Boys Soccer had good enough seasons to find themselves playing in their first playoff games.

Girl’s Basketball returned to playoff action, after a 5 year hiatus while the Girls Soccer team will continue in their playoff journey going into the 3rd round as they play for an Area Crown on Tuesday.

It was CL’s first win in Soccer playoffs when the Hawks took care of Taylor last week in Austin with another first.

                    Soccer Playoff Games 
          Games                                    Record
 2010     CL Hawks 2  Pflugerville Hendrickson  4   12-9-3
 2013     CL Hawks 0  Boerne Champion           5   5-17-2
 2014     CL Hawks 1  Boerne Champion           2   6-8-0
 2015     CL Hawks 0  Liberty Hill              2   8-11-0
 2016     CL Hawks 2  Taylor                    1   8-9-3
          CL Hawks vs Boerne       3rd Round

Team sports are having a great year, with another chance of getting a first in Track & Field starting Wednesday.

                          Hawk Track & Field Finishes
                    Boys                                Girls
          Pts  Finish  JV Pts  Finish         Pts Finish   JV Pts Finish
 2009       9    7th       39   5th             6   7th       20   7th
 2010      90    4th      109   3rd            59   5th       59   5th
 2011     150    2nd      133   3rd            79   4th       99   3rd
 2012     127    2nd       57   5th            59   5th       95   3rd
 2013      37    6th       78   3rd            84   4th      138   2nd
 2014      81    5th       88   4th            48   6th       69   4th
 2015      59    4th      139   1st            59   6th      124   2nd

CL won the Boys Junior Varsity last year and the Boys Varsity garnered two 2nd place trophies back in ’11 and ’12 campaigns.

The Hawk JV Ladies had their best district result last year, finishing with a 124 points in 2nd place giving a casual fan an indication that things might be starting to build.

Other than that, CL’s Girl’s Varsity has a high of 84 points three years ago and a 4th place finish, as their high water mark.

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Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk Track & Field

Those Hawk Ladies won two meets this season and have finished ahead of Wimberley who are usually near the top each season in district competition.

Breaking down what needs to happen for a chance of winning it all is not an easy item to predict.

Not knowing what other teams have, with athletes coming back from injuries and knowing how those coaches might change their line-up to help maximize their chance for more points will happen, is only a guess.

Having students that compete in multiple events and place well is one of the biggest question marks on how the next two days might finish.

For instance, you can only be entered for 3 running and 2 field events and having athletes that are good at more than 5 gives a team chances to see what they can do by moving those students around based on strengths and weaknesses of district teams.

Canyon Lake has to achieve as many points in their deepest events to have a chance of finishing on top for the Ladies team.CL Banner

The Lady Hawks will need some surprise points that come unexpectedly, that would help and give momentum for the team as those Relays are staged throughout the day.

That same scenario would be for CL’s Boy team too. The difference for the Boys is having a chance for points in more events but the Hawk Ladies can dominate a couple events helping their chances.

So, will any of the other 6 schools come and perform at a record level? That is why they run the races as that is not known and impossible to predict.

Relay teams can miss a baton and or you can get disqualified for running out of a lane causing lost points that can’t be retrieved.

After studying meets throughout this season, The ReSporter will safely say that both Hawk Boys and Girls will be right in the hunt, with several schools not that far apart.

Go Hawks!!