Track & Field | April 3, 2016

Track Thoughts and All-Time Top 3

Hawk Relay Teams at Texas Relays Chance Martelli, Heath McDonough, Tanner Faris, Austin Camacho, Brandon Courtney (not pictured Lester Boehm

                                              Hawk Relay Teams at Texas Relays
Chance Martelli, Heath McDonough, Tanner Faris, Austin Camacho, Brandon Courtney, Haden Lee, (not pictured Lester Boehm

The ReSporter will go over some Track thoughts the next few days as they prepare for next week’s District 26-4A Meet in Cuero.

First off, Canyon Lake has depth and that should translate into more points.Unknown

Second off, the Hawks have more Senior participants this year and that has been paying dividends for both the girls’ and boy’s teams.

That has been one of the most disappointing aspects of track as those Seniors usually get a hint of Senioritis and forego the last part of their year not on the cinders or many sports.

The ReSporter’s advice for those young people that read this site, “You only live once and that Senior year can be rewarding to finish your race in grand fashion.”

Speaking of finishing races, both of the Hawk’s Varsity contingent have won multiple meets this year and for the ladies, that accomplishment had never been in the cards as this group of ladies have dealt two aces this year in that realm.

For this piece, we will go into how Canyon Lake holds up with the other District 26-4A schools for the upcoming meet this Wednesday and Thursday in Cuero.

The ladies don’t have a lot of Dash events point potential, but Alysha Perez has had some good runs this year and getting any type of points is a big lift.

Y4 Custom Homes supports Track & Field

Y4 Custom Homes supports Track & Field

There are some areas the Ladies are not on the radar in getting points. Long distance races is one of those areas as well as pole-vault, discus, and shot-put.

Where Canyon Lake can take off is in those hurdle and relay races. Scoring multiple points here will make up for those no point times during the track meet.

Triple Jump and High Jump would be other events the Hawks can load their basket going to that first place podium.

That is why any points scored in those other running and field events can and will be the difference in several spots in that pecking order.

This will be Canyon Lake’s best chance since the school started in having a chance for a district championship.

On the boys side of things, Canyon Lake will be in a tight race with several teams and there are many things that can happen to sway those points going or coming.

The Hawks or any of the district teams will need to have a near perfect day in order to have a chance for a title.

Much like the Ladies, the Hawks hold do well in the hurdle and relay events. Canyon Lake’s depth has a chance for points in every event but the pole vault where the Hawks have not had any success this season.

Scoring points in every event is a sure way of making a run for the district title as Yoakum will also have a tough team to upend after their District Championship last season.

A strong Junior Varsity squad will also give both teams a chance to get points while sacrificing the JV for a chance for a title. However, the Varsity trumps the JV and getting any points might be the difference for the Varsity.

Yes, those athletes that make the jump would lose a chance for multiple points for the JV, but the key goal is having a chance to win with your Varsity team.

Canyon Lake Boys had their 4×200 and 4×400 compete in Austin this past week in the Texas Relays.

You might have heard this before, but those two relay teams were dominated by a core of younger athletes and the future continues to build momentum.

For the Freshman, those athletes are technically classified as Freshman but since August and the start of school and now is a lifetime and those students are at a stage of showing you what next year can and will be.

Go Hawks and good luck this week in Cuero!!

                                Top Three All-Time Best

                                    100 meter dash
        Jordan Anderson         10.81              Alysha Perez             12.75
        Austin Christman        11.19              Trena Lorett             13.23
        Heath McDonough         11.36              Emily Roach              13.27

                                    200 meter dash
        Jordan Anderson         22.47              Caitlyn Collins          26.97
        Blake Walker            22.70              Skylar Hurst             27.10
        Haden Lee               23.34              Grace Allen              27.37

                                    400 meter dash
        Jordan Anderson         48.92              Hannah Graves            61.86
        Javier Mendez           52.13              Skylar Hurst             62.50
        Lester Boehm            52.26              Molli Mcintyre           64.04

                                    800 meter run
        Austin Camacho        2:04.70              Hannah Graves          2:27.78
        David Pfaff           2:09.55              Mariah Ellis           2:27.91
        Winston Whaley        2:12.31              Christi Fowler         2:34.28

                                   1600 meter run
        Mike Russell          4:55.73              Olivia Flores          6:05.22
        Adam Wiewel           4:57.00              Christi Fowler         6:05.59
        Chris Neiland         4:57.01              Caitlyn Collins        6:07.73

                                   3200 meter run
        Chris Neiland        10:51.63              Mariah Ellis          12:45.43
        Adam Wiewel          11:00.90              Jenna MacConnal       13:48.30
        John Mauricio        11:04.04              Holly Pederson        14:29.91

                                 100/110 meter hurdles
        Brandon Courtney        15.10              Jessica Cunningham       15.48
        Bobby Flint             15.64              Bailey Drum              16.24
        Gerrit Wilkins          16.00              Emma Gray                16.39

                                  300 meter hurdles
        Brandon Courtney        39.21              Jessica Cunningham       46.90
        Joe Marple              41.62              Bailey Drum              49.20
        Karl Tucker             42.23              Katie Marple             49.97

                                      high jump
        Jordan Anderson          6-06              Marisa Ellis              5-06 
        Albert Edington          6-06              Mariah Ellis              5-02
        Todd Pippin              6-04              Emma Gray                 5-00

                                      long jump
        Jordan Anderson      21-04.00              Bailey Drum           16-03.75
        Eric Nelson          20-07.00              Trena Lorett          16-00.75
        Shane Relkin         20-05.25              Marisa Ellis          15-11.50

                                     triple jump
        Branson Belcher      42-00.75              Marisa Ellis          37-04.50
        Evan Schuller        41-08.00              Bailey Drum           37-00.50
        Christian Dittman    41-02.25              Skylar Hurst          34-07.00

                                      shot put
        Jaaz McNair          45-09.00              Kaelin Simmons        34-00.00
        Robert Woods         44-05.00              Ali Dicks             34-00.00
        Weston Dicks         42-02.00              Adia Garcia           30-02.50

       Taylor Hocutt       141-07.00              Kaelin Simmons       111-00.00
       Robert Woods        132-11.25              Cassidy Martin        88-05.00
       Thomas Gregory      132-09.00              Adia Garcia           85-02.00

                                      pole vault
       Christian Dittman        14-06             Jessica Cunningham    11-01.00
       Marcus Bolles            13-00             Jaydian Loftis         8-00.00
       Paxton Barnes            12-06

                                      4x100 relay
       2012                      43.73            2013                     51.99
       Zach Henshaw    Eduardo Covarrubias        Mariah Ellis      Trena Lorett
       Doug Hubnik     Daniel Camarillo           Brooklyn Helmke   Grace Allen 
       2013                      43.86            2016                     52.24
       Jordan Anderson Doug Hubnik                Audrey Schulze    Sophia Thorpe
       Blake Walker    Shane Relkin               Syd Riebschlaeger Kaylie Duke
       2011                      43.98            2015                     52.60
       Robin Pedranti  Eduardo Covarrubias        Alexa Ramos       Sophia Thorpe
       Doug Hubnik     Daniel Camarillo           Skylar Hurst      Alysha Perez

                                      4x200 relay
       2012                     1:31.23           2016                    1:50.03
       Daniel Camarillo Zach Henshaw              Audrey Schulze    Emma Gray
       Doug Hubnik      Eduardo Covarrubias       Skylar Hurst      Alysha Perez
       2013                     1:32.28           2014                    1:50.53
       Jordan Anderson  Doug Hubnik               Sophia Thorpe     Bailey Drum
       Shane Relkin     Daniel Camarillo          Grace Allen       Mariah Ellis
       2016                     1:32.40           2011                    1:50.89
       Heath McDonough  Tanner Faris              Caitlyn Collins   Helmke
       Matt Adams       Lester Boehm              Hannah St. John   Rodriguez

                                     4x400 relay
       2012                     3:26.55           2015                    4:09.66
       Zach Henshaw     Daniel Camarillo          Sophia Thorpe     Bailey Drum
       Doug Hubnik      Eduardo Covarrubias       Hannah Young      Mariah Ellis
       2015                     3:26.68           2013                    4:10.53
       Will Joyner      Lester Boehm              Amber Ramsey      Mariah Ellis
       Heath McDonough  Brandon Courtney          Brooklyn Helmke   Hannah Graves
       2016                     3:28.60           2012                    4:11.15
       Austin Camacho   Lester Boehm              Caitlyn Collins   Mariah Ellis
       Heath McDonough  Brandon Courtney          Brooklyn Helmke   Amber Ramsey