News | May 4, 2016

Go Fund Me Help for Shelley Cobb (Tristan Chacon’s Grandmother)

Shelley Cobb is the Grandmother for Tristan Chacon and The ReSporter would like for the Hawk community to be there for this family time in need.

Shelly Cobb

Shelley Cobb

Shelley Cobb Medical Fund

by making a donation and helping spread the word.

Please help us support the Cobb family. Recently our friend, Shelley Cobb, was involved in a motorcycle accident and is currently undergoing treatment for traumatic brain injury along with numerous other bodily injuries.

Shelley is a charismatic, loving, genuine person who always has her family and friends foremost in her life. Shelley has always put others before herself and now is the time that we need to show Shelley our support.

Shelley has a love for life and thriving career, while caring for her children and grandchildren. We all have counted on Shelley for various things throughout the years, while she never asked for anything in return. Shelley has a big heart, and as many of you have seen and felt, is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need. Now is the most important time for us to come together and return the kindness she has always given us, by showing our support in helping her and her family through this time of need.

Anything you can donate will go directly to the family to ensure that Shelley’s medical expenses and family can be assisted during this tragic time. Shelley will have a long road ahead as she fights to recover from these injuries.

For those of us that know and love Shelley, we know that her strong spirit and love for life will help her in this journey. Let’s do what we can to make this time a little easier.

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