Football | May 28, 2016

90 Days Before Kick-Off with Blanco

Richard Rosas pictured with Matthew Adams, and Mike Thorpe after win over Texans in Volleyball

Richard Rosas pictured with Matthew Adams, and Mike Thorpe after win over Texans in Soccer

                                                        90 Days Countdown

The #90 jersey was worn by Richard Rosas last season as a Sophomore and will be counted on by Canyon Lake as this defensive end will have a year under his belt.

Rosas was one of several underclassmen on last year’s roster as Canyon Lake continues to load up on a younger group of players as the first wave of Mountain Valley wealth of teams will suit this season as Juniors.Unknown-8-150x150

CL will have Freshman players that won district last year with both A and B squads. That B Squad was ineffective as 7th graders but turned it on last year and improved across the board.

That will give Hawk Coaches more competition again this year with a loaded Freshman class that might need another team like what happened last season with the ‘Gold’ Team.

The ReSporter will have antidotes as we count down during the Summer and will post throughout the Summer months but not everyday. (The ReSporter has to rest sometime)

Thanks for reading this past season as The ReSporter had their most visits ever as each year that number has increased.

Two numbers to take note was having 26,750 visits while representing 9,310 Hawk fans.

                    sessions      users     top 3 cities
    2015-16         26,750        9,310     CL 8,175  Hou 4,442  NB 3,336
    2014-15         26,151        8,351     CL 8,363  Hou 3,805  NB 3,186
    2013-14         25,280        7,720     CL 9,230  SA  4,553  NB 2,379
    2012-13         21,241        6,885     CL 6,662  SA  3,434  NB 2,164
    2011-12         16,142        5,094     CL 5,232  SA  2,366  NB 1,868

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Go Hawks!!