Sport News | May 27, 2016

Canyon Lake Starts Countdown for Next Season

Mountain Valley Lady Hawks Softball next Stop for many being CLHS

          Mountain Valley Lady Hawks Softball next Stop for many being CLHS

What happened this past school year for Canyon Lake for the sporting year?

Right off the bat, you had the first District Championship when the Hawk Volleyball team took the title from Wimberley that had won a district crown since the start of this century.

That was a height never envisioned by anyone in the know as the Texan’s had been cemented into the first place podium so many years.

Then jump into the Boy’s Cross Country team that qualified for the second year in a row and with that race this past season, the times were getting much lower with many runners who will be back to go further this coming season.

You could see the evidence during the track season when Canyon Lake’s distance runners scored more points in the history of the program and will have all those student’s returning.

Canyon Lake’s basketball would be next on that list of first’s when the Boy’s Round Ball team would

Go Hawks

   Go Hawks

make the playoffs for the first time since the school started and then to top that feat off, the Girl’s Basketball club would revisit the playoffs last seen in the 2009-10 year.

Want more? How about the Boy’s Soccer who would raise from the ashes and also qualify for getting T-Shirts for the playoffs and also raising the number of wins for the first time in the history and repeating the same spot the Boy’s Basketball had done earlier.

Track and Field was on top of it this year as the Girls Cinder Athletes won two meets during the season, which had not been even sniffed in the history of the program.

The Girls Tracksters would also have their most points in a district meet ever as they finished out their season.

Boy’s Track Team would get back to where they had been 3-4 years ago when they were finishing 2nd for two years back in 2010-11 seasons.

Canyon Lake has had a good year as you will continue to see more teams not only making the playoffs but going further in their playoff contests.

Hawk Proud!!

                Hawk Proud!!

Mountain Valley has now supplied CLHS with 3 years of student’s that have won several district championships during those 2 years of competing.

“They are not used to losing,” Head Coach Charley Drum said.

That tells you how these sports will continue to rise and seeing how that will manufacture itself in the next two rounds of district alignment years.

The ReSporter reported on 2 games for Mountain Valley’s Softball team and seeing how these young ladies took two schools that feed 6A schools to the woodshed is proof for what can happen soon in the field of play.

Take that Mountain Valley Softball team to another level and know that Smithson Valley and Canyon High Schools have several ‘skins’ on the wall showing people and families how they can dominate in the Softball world.

Those scores? 15-1 and 8-0 victories over overmatched opponents.

That is across the board and now another Summer of waiting as the Hawk Nation prepares for seeing rising water on Canyon’s Lake.

Go Hawks!!