Volleyball | May 26, 2016

CL Hawks Volleyball Release 2016 Schedule

Canyon Lake’s first team to win a district title has released their schedule for this coming year.

With the change of districts, Canyon Lake, will have 6 games needed to get the same amount of games as last year’s district had 3 extra schools to play.

Y4 Custom Homes says Way to Go Hawks

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Hawks

Looking at the schedule, the Hawks, have really upped their opponents and will be playing several perennial schools in the world of Volleyball.

That should help in preparation for district play and the The ReSporter had a chance to talk with Head Coach Kim Paisley about their next season in preparation of defending their title even if it will consist of different schools.

The ReSporter: Do you feel the non-district games will help prepare you  for district? And what will you take from them?

Canyon Lake has their game face in Bi-Dist. Win over Taylor

Canyon Lake has their game face in Bi-Dist. Win over Taylor

Coach Paisley: “Our preseason matches like Poth, LaGrange, Wimberley, Navarro, and LaVernia will be great for our preparation for district. All 3 of our tournaments are always fun and tough! They will be great for working on different line-ups, team chemistry, and flat out competing!”

The ReSporter: With district having so many fewer games, how will that help or hurt this upcoming Hawk team?

Coach Paisley: “I had to schedule more preseason matches to compensate for the loss of district play.”

The ReSporter: Do you have any idea about the district this coming season?

Coach Paisley: “I feel the teams in this district have great programs such as Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Bandera. They all have reached the Regional tournament or deep into playoffs the past 2 years. We came from a tough district and we will be ready to face these tough teams. Remember, we have a district title/reputation to defend. I know we are in a different district, but we are coming out and letting them know who we are! We are fired up and working hard!”

The ReSporter: I know Boerne advanced last season past our team, will they posed the biggest threat in your opinion?



Coach Paisley: “I believe Boerne will be our toughest opponent, but will not discount the others. Every match needs to played like we are closing out a district title.”

The ReSporter: You lost a lot of Seniors but you also had a strong JV and Freshman club, how will that group of new girls mesh with the returning girls?

Coach Paisley: “We lost 7 seniors last year, lost 7 seniors this year, and we will have 7 seniors again this year. 4 of them are returners. I think we have a solid group of girls coming back and they are hungry!”

The ReSporter: What are your hopes going into this new year?

Coach Paisley: “We will carry on that winning attitude, display that passion for success, and continue to carry out the traditions/expectations that have been set by our former Hawk VB players!”

                         Hawk Volleyball 2016 Schedule
 date        opponent           site          9th     JV      Varsity
 Aug  5      Blanco Scrimmage   BHS           10a     10a     10a
 Aug  8      Liberty Hill       CLHS          10a     10a     10a
             SA Clemens         CLHS           1p      1p      1p
 Aug 12-13   Tex-Fest Tourn     Wimberley       —       —     tba
 Aug 16      Lockhart           LHS            5p      5p      6p
 Aug 19-20   NEISD              San Antonio     —       —      tba
 Aug 23      Poth               PHS            5p      5p      6p
 Aug 26      Blanco             BHS            5p      5p      6p
 Aug 25 & 27 Rattler Tourn      San Marcos      —       —      tba
 Aug 30      Marion             MHS            5p      5p      6p
 Sep  6      La Grange          LHS            530p    630p    530p
 Sep  9      Navarro            NHS            630p    430p    530p
 Sep  8 & 10 JV & 9th Tex-Fest  Wimberley      tba     tba      —
 Sep 13      Austin Akins       CLHS           5p      5p      6p
 Sep 16      Wimberley          WHS            5p      5p      6p
 Sep 17      JV & 9th SV Tourn  SVHS           tba     tba      —
 Sep 20      La Vernia          CLHS           5p      5p      6p
 Sep 27      *Boerne            BHS            5p      5p      6p
 Sep 30      *Hondo             CLHS           5p      5p      6p
 Oct  4      *Fredericksburg    CLHS           5p      5p      6p
 Oct  7      *Bandera           BHS            5p      5p      6p
 Oct 14      *Boerne            CLHS           5p      5p      6p
 Oct 18      *Hondo             HHS            5p      5p      6p
 Oct 21      *Fredericksburg    FHS            5p      5p      6p
 Oct 25      *Bandera           CLHS           5p      5p      6p

 Bi-District      Area        Regional     Regional      State
 Oct. 31-Nov. 1   Nov. 3-5    Nov. 7-8     Nov. 11-12    Nov. 17-18