Football | June 28, 2016

Best Case Scenario Look at This Year’s Hawk Season

Hawks Defense could define how good their Season goes

Hawks Defense could define how good their Season goes

First, realize that this is an idea of what might or could happen if everything comes together for the Hawks starting in about 2 months.

This ‘best case’ would be based on injuries or lack of injuries as well as having the players being at their peak as well as keeping all of those other intangibles coming up roses for those 11 weeks of play.

Much has been made of how well Blanco plays in their first game and CL can certainly vouch for that sentiment as the Hawks have been on the losing side the past three years with no offense to speak of in those losses.

What would need to change to start this campaign with a win? A mind set that Blanco will give their best effort and that leaves Canyon Lake no room to take this game lightly.

The Senior class beat Blanco playing JV two years ago and that bodes well for a coming out party.Unknown-8-150x150

Canyon Lake will make a statement for this year and be prepared for a win as the younger players will not have any memory of those losses and bring that winning attitude to the field in Blanco.

It will still be a close game but a win is a win and going into the second week of play with a victory will be a good experience and having no bad taste to linger through that week.

Austin Reagan is a 5A squad and that alone should get CL to a point of knowing this game will need to have the home team ready for getting this big win.

Reagan did lose almost all of their skilled offense to graduation and that compared to Canyon Lake returning 90% of those same positions will help seal the deal against the Raiders.

One item that still lingers in The ReSporter’s mind is how Reagan took Lampasas to the cleaners last year, while the Hawks had a dismal game in their loss to the Badgers last season.

But, getting a win will be doable as CL starts their season 2-0 with the last time in having that mark coming during the 2011 year when Canyon Lake finished with their 8-2 record.

Being, 2-0, looks good and playing Giddings next should be an important game with several aspects.

This setting might remind Canyon Lake fans of the game with Sealy that was won in dramatic fashion during that 2011 year.

CanyonLakeWebsiteAD_BusinessCardSize[3]Giddings will be a tough out and a win would put a spot light on a team with skill and being young and ready to make a statement.

However, The ReSporter, still feels this pendulum is still on the side of Giddings and coming out of this game with their first loss.

A good game but CL will have other pressing needs in getting ready to defend their Devil’s Backbone Trophy against Wimberley.

The Texans are not the same team that could beat the Hawks by just showing up in the past.

Canyon Lake has proven they have the pieces to compete as they have won 2 of the last 3 games and that one loss was snatched by the Texans with a last second win.

This will be the year that CL will win their first game at Wimberley and keep their prized ‘Backbone’ Trophy at their, 8555 RM 32, address in Fischer, Texas.

The Hawks will enter their next game with Lampasas, 3-1 with momentum in getting ready for district play.

Canyon Lake has to figure out what the Badgers did that previous year to be able to dominate that contest so completely.

The score was not as close as the 42-14 tally would indicate.

Badgers had 23 first downs and looked like Navarro as they were running through the Hawk’s defense. Our defense was not helped by an offense able to muster just 10 first downs and under 4 yards per tote.

This win will come based on those younger teams that are coming of age and not having many losses with their upbringing.

Canyon Lake will take care of business with Lampasas this time around and bring a respectable 4-1 record on their bus ride to Austin Akins for their next contest.

Hawks Proud

   Hawks Proud

This game with Akins is a tough game to call as playing a 6A school can never be an easy game when you can only prop up 4A’s after your school’s name.

Those 6A schools have such a wealth of students to choose from and that stat can never be downplayed. Not knowing what those lower classes did the previous year will also give you a ? on what aspect that will have.

Canyon Lake is loaded and feeling good, but playing a 6A school just seems as if Akins might have enough stored up to beat the Hawks.

Akins beat Austin Reagan last year pretty handily, the Eagles will be needing a victory as this is a no win situation for Akins.

This game will not help Akins in the greater scheme as a win over a 4A school would be expected while a loss would put a kink in their armor that would not bode well as they prepare to go into district.

Being, 4-2 going into district play would help put Canyon Lake in a good frame of mind as they prepare to meet their second Austin opponent in a row. This time this game will be counted on a district ledger.

Eastside Memorial had a decent record last year but many of those games would be schools that you would expect to beat.

The ReSporter feels this might be that first game the coveted shut out might be born. The Hawks have had 88 games going into this season and have yet to keep their opponent from scoring points.

Canyon Lake will win this game to bring their record up to 5-2 and the most important number being, 1-0 in district play.

Up next is Boerne and they have given CL enough to say grace over these past few campaigns and with their passing game, this will certainly give the Hawks enough to think about in their preparation.

The last two games with the Greyhounds have come with Canyon Lake needing one touchdown in sending the contest to overtime.

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for Hawks Football

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for Hawks Football

Those two games have also been high scoring affairs and this season might be a carbon copy of those seasons.

Three years ago, Canyon Lake won 37-28, so a three game average on offense of 33 points will be a good sign for a win this time around.

The ReSporter feels this year’s Hawks will have a much better defense and that would be the difference in a win or a loss.

Canyon Lake will take their district record to, 2-0 with a win over the Greyhounds and prepare for a road game to Fredericksburg.

The Hawks have had success with the Billies and feels that domination will continue as all the sub-varsity teams beat Fredericksburg last season and that will pay dividends for a good Hawk mindset.

Going. 3-0 in district at this junction can be accomplished but there will be one item that has not happened in CL’s 8 years of games. Having their bye week this late in the season.

Those projected wins above could be altered by having no break to heal wounds as in year’s past, as The ReSporter, checked and football is still a contact sport.

Depth will hopefully help with those concerns as Canyon Lake has three classes with a wealth of players that have had a strong pedigree.

Flying High Go HAWKS

Flying High Go HAWKS

As this season gets into those later games, those younger players will have played enough contests to be ready if called upon.

Now, Canyon Lake, will have a do-over in their next bout as they will welcome Taylor for their final regular season game.

Taylor had given the Hawks two last second losses and that alone will be enough motivation to have a game where Canyon Lake can make that finish line first.

Last year with 5 lost fumbles the Hawks could not hold onto their 28-9 halftime lead and fumbled their way to another loss.

Canyon Lake started with the ball in that second half after scoring on their previous 4 drives to end the first stanza.

A fumble on that very first play in the second half would keep the Hawks from scoring while allowing Taylor to start their eventual comeback.

The ReSporter will not even attempt to take the reader back 2 years ago with that first loss to Taylor.

Just 5 points have separated these two teams and that is enough to get an average Hawk fan to jaunt down to Brookshire’s for loading up on some mouth wash.

Canyon Lake will get that bad taste out of their mouths with this do-over game as this will be the second year in a row with the Ducks coming to Canyon’s Lake.

Go Hawks!!

Go Hawks!!

Being, 7-2 and having a chance for an undefeated district record will be enough for Canyon Lake to win this game against Taylor.

The Ducks have a reputation in having a potent offense, but with a much better Hawk defense that should help in giving Canyon Lake enough separation for this win and looking at an 8-2 season.

That record would match the, 8-2 Hawks from that 2011 year with the only difference in having a chance to continue with extra games.

Yes, this is a best case scenario and between the last two articles you might make a point of Canyon Lake having a 5-5 outcome.

Canyon Lake is one year older and this alone will help give this young club a chance to start their run for better seasons.

Go Hawks!!