CL Hawks Player Awards for 2015-16 School Year

Recent Graduate Haden Lee

Recent Grad Haden Lee

Canyon Lake was blessed with many students that excelled with their sport from the football field to soccer field and diamond to hard wood.

Two athletes were voted as the MVP of their sport which was a record for the Hawks and the list below has all the athletes The ReSporter was told of accomplishments.

Bailey Drum in Volleyball and Haden Lee for Football topped the list for this past season and as Seniors will look forward to seeing how these two will adjust to College as Drum will be off to Angelo State University and Lee as aspirations of walking on and compete for an opening at Texas State.

Congratulations for an entertaining year as the Hawk Nation will now look forward to seeing more CL students this coming school year.

Bailey Drum received awards in Volleyball for the All-State Team and Legacy Team which are Seniors who are no longer a part of the All Star games, so they created a Legacy Team, which signifies having played in the All Star match for TGCA.

Regan Mickey was selected to be on the All-Star Team as an alternate in Volleyball as these All-Star Teams consist of Juniors.

Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley was selected to be the Head Coach for the All Star Team representing athletes from the 1A-2A-3A-and 4A schools.

Kirsten Jones and Alexis Robinson will be playing Softball in June representing CL while Matthew Adams will have another chance to get his kicks in as he represents the Hawks in Soccer in Belton playing in the TASCO All Star Game, June 18th.

Go Hawks!!

                      Who’s Who for Canyon Lake Sports Athletes

 student                      sport            award
 Carley Dubois                Softball         First Team Outfield
 Kirsten Jones                Softball         First Team Infield
 Kat Weber                    Softball         First Team Catcher
 Bailey Bryan                 Softball         Second Team Infield
 Alexis Robinson              Softball         Second Team Pitcher
 Lauren Mentzer               Softball         Second Team Utility
 Bailey Drum                  Volleyball       Overall MVP
 Faith Hasness                Volleyball       Newcomer of the Year
 Addison Farley               Volleyball       First Team
 Regan Mickey                 Volleyball       First Team
 Sam York                     Volleyball       First Team
 Alexis Robinson              Volleyball       Second Team
 Emma Gray                    Volleyball       Second Team
 Hannah Wunderlich            Volleyball       Honorable Mention
 Ashlyn Hubertus              Volleyball       Honorable Mention
 Rosie Quintero               Soccer           First Team All-District
 Rachel Bennett               Soccer           First Team All-District
 Chloe Cullen                 Soccer           Second Team All-District
 Kaitlyn White                Soccer           Second Team All-District
 Bianca Cruz                  Soccer           Honorable Mention
 Brandi Schimonsky            Soccer           Honorable Mention
 Meredith Ellery              Soccer           Honorable Mention
 Mike Thorpe                  Soccer           First Team All-District Forward
 Emma Gray                    Basketball       First Team All-District
 Alexa Ramos                  Basketball       First Team All-District
 Sarah Schneider              Basketball       Second Team All-District
 Sarah Russell                Basketball       Second Team All-District
 Grayson Rohrbacher           Soccer           First Team All-District Defender
 Matthew Adams                Soccer           Second Team All-District Midfielder
 Michael Carpenter            Soccer           Second Team All-District Defender
 Brayden Damico               Soccer           Honorable Mention Goalkeeper
 Mason Blackburn              Soccer           Honorable Mention Midfielder
 James Alexander              Soccer           Honorable Mention Defender
 Mike Thorpe                  Soccer           First Team All-Region Forward IV
 Grayson Rohrbacher           Soccer           Second Team All-State Defender
 Matthew Adams                Soccer           Second Team All-State MidFielder
 Haden Lee                    Football         Defensive Player of the Year
 Jacob Foster                 Football         First Team Offensive Line
 Heath McDonough              Football         First Team Tight End
 Robert Woods                 Football         First Team Defensive End
 Mike Thorpe                  Football         First Team Punter
 Tanner Faris                 Football         Second Team Running Back
 Matthew Adams                Football         Second Team Defensive Back
 Kenneth Jowers               Football         Second Team Linebacker
 Mike Thorpe                  Football         Second Team Kicker
 Allen Vavrecka               Football         Honorable Mention Offensive Line
 Austin Brennan               Football         Honorable Mention Running Back
 Keith Hutson                 Football         Honorable Mention Offensive Line
 Chris Schultz                Football         Honorable Mention Defensive Tackle
 Terrance Smith               Football         Honorable Mention Defensive Back
 Brandon Ward                 Basketball       First Team
 Rory Preiss                  Basketball       First Team
 Will Gray                    Basketball       First Team
 Gerrit Wilkins               Basketball       Second Team
 Jacob Ramirez                Basketball       Second Team
 CJ Parrish                   Baseball         Honorable Mention First Base
 Gavin Dietrich               Baseball         Honorable Mention Pitcher
 Cade Dunavant                Baseball         Honorable Mention Utility Player