Football | July 22, 2016

Hawk’s Defense Inconsistency was Consistent

What a Swarming Hawk Defensive Unit Looks Like

                                                  What a Swarming Hawk Defensive Unit Looks Like

The ReSporter continues the Hawk Football series and with just 10 days away for players to report we will go over CL’s defense and then finish inside a week going over the Special Team.

Repeat Boutique Says Go Defense

Repeat Boutique Says Go Defense

Last year’s defense had some rocky moments and was a very inconsistent group as a whole.

The only thing consistent about last years defensive unit was how inconsistent they were.

There were a couple of games where the CL Defense worked their way into the top 10 of all-time games.

Those two games were Fredericksburg and Bandera as Canyon Lake gave up 144 and 194 yards respectfully in those contests.

Six of the 10 games on that all-time defensive yardage list, are games with the Billies and Bulldogs. So, that information might suggest that the Hawks match up very well with those two teams.

Another number that comes alive on that list is in the Hawk’s game with Marion, in 2014 the Eagles were held to 65 total yards which ranks first all time.

Jellystone Park says Go Hawks

Jellystone Park says Go Hawks

What is interesting is how that game in 2014 differed to last year’s game when Marion racked up 484 total yards. One word: Inconsistent.

CL had two games that ranked in the top 10 for giving up yards with Marion already mentioned along with Lampasas who finished their game with 498 yards given up.

Do note that The ReSporter only has 3 games recorded for the first year of play in 2008.

Yards Given Up and Rank for 2015 Season (81 games recorded)

 game               yards    rushing    passing     rank
 Lampasas            498       475        23         75 (games)
 Marion              484       242       242         72
 Boerne              438        81       357         70
 Waco La Vega        404       289       115         62
 Taylor              319       120       199         37
 Liberty Hill        304       284        20         33
 Wimberley           291        48       233         28
 Blanco              261       230        31         22
 Smithville          247        39       208         17
 Bandera             194        73       121          9
 Fredericksburg      144        68        76          4

Inconsistent would be the only phrase that would explain those games above. Five games with teams not reaching 100 yards rushing and five games where the opposition topped 200 yards on the ground with Lampasas able to amass 475 in that manner.

Go CL Hawks

Go CL Hawks

CL won all but one those games after holding their opponent under 300 yards of total offense.

The Blanco game had the Hawks limiting the Panthers under 300 yards but still losing by not having Canyon Lake’s offense getting off the bus for that contest.

Turnovers factored into last season’s roller coaster ride as the defense finished by forcing 12 while giving up the ball 17 times. The chart below will also show how inconsistent turnovers are for previous Hawk teams.

Those 12 caused turnovers matched an all time low with the 2011 season in which Canyon Lake finished with an 8-2 record.

During that 2011 year, the Hawks had 8 of their 18 turnovers in their two losses.

               offense (give a ways)               defense (take a ways)
 turnovers     fumbles  int   total            fumbles  int   total    +/-
 2015            14      3     17                 9      3     12      - 5
 2014             9      2     11                13     11     24      +13
 2013             8      6     14                 7      6     13      - 1
 2012             5      7     12                 7      6     13      + 1
 2011             8     10     18                 4      8     12      - 6
 2010            10     12     22                16     10     26      + 4
 2009             3     20     23                 5     14     19      - 4

Getting turnovers was down last season and it will certainly help if those numbers increase. Sometimes getting turnovers can be just living right and being at the right place at the right time. Forcing turnovers will need to be accomplished to help those defensive numbers.

“There is some luck in getting turnovers,” Drum started. “But it is more of an attitude and taking a chance….last year’s team was afraid of making a mistake.”

In the Hawks second year of play, that CL team force 19 turnovers, “That team just had an attitude and decided that they were not going to have their first year happen again.”

Canyon Lake’s sub-varsity teams have done a good job of keeping their opponent out of the end zone and that same type of defense will need to be carried into their Varsity years.

Hair by Stephanie Says Hawk Proud

Hair by Stephanie is Hawk Proud

Hawk players will have a chance of getting on the field switching over to defense as it has already been mentioned on how CL only graduated one offensive skill position.

“These players will need to be getting that frame of mind of shutting down people and having that experience on varsity,” Head Coach Drum said in response on how the younger players will be able to help defensively.

A position that will be highlighted in needing to perform better to give Canyon Lake an opportunity for a better season will come in the defensive backfield.

“We could have two Sophomores as defensive backs this year (Trenton Lorett and Tristan Chacon),” Coach Drum said. “The McDonough brothers (Heath and Caimen) and Austin Brooks will have a chance there too.”

When asked when the coaches will have an idea of who might be taking up those positions, Coach Drum said, “We will usually know by the first scrimmage.”

Canyon Lake has several games with schools that will be pass happy, hence the importance of how this DB unit will perform.

“We will play Boerne, Wimberley and Taylor that have a spread offense and Lampasas and Fredericksburg can throw the ball well,” Coach Drum continued.

Games can give you many stats and Coach Drum was asked what he looks for after a game to know if the defense played well, “I obviously look at the scoreboard….but specifically I will want to see how well we did in holding the team on 3rd and 4th down conversions.”

“I also look to see if we held the opponent on limiting big plays,” Drum continued.

Country Comfort Supports Hawk Football

        Country Comfort Supports                                                                      Hawk Football

On what is the definition for a ‘Big Play’, “A play that goes for 30 yards passing and 20 yards rushing…..I also want to see how we did in getting turnovers,” Drum said.

The Hawks did lose the District Defensive MVP to graduation in Haden Lee and The ReSporter asked Coach Drum on his thoughts about this position, “We will be fast as a group…we will not be big but   we will be athletic.”

Coach continued on Linebackers, “They will need to be aggressive and fast while playing parallel to the line of scrimmage.”

Last year Kenneth Jowers really started to shine with right under 100 tackles for the season.

“Jowers had a good second half of the season and really started to get comfortable as the season got going,” Coach Drum said excitedly.

In recapping what Coach Drum is hoping for from this year’s defense is evident, “We need to increase getting turnovers and limiting big plays while improving our pass defense….we will be real athletic up front.”

Defense wins games and Canyon Lake will now need to become more consistent in keeping opponents out of the end zone which will help with the overall season.

“I want to see our defense keeping the score 17 or less points,” Coach Drum said.

Here is to hoping the Hawks defense gets consistent this season and the only inconsistent happening during game time, will be how many hot dogs are left in the concession booth.

Go Hawks!!