News | August 4, 2016

A New Year for The ReSporter

The ReSporter will be starting the 6th school year and hope you will continue to enjoy this publication.

As you might have already noticed, The ReSporter, has added several new patrons to the site and letting these business’ know you saw their ‘Ad’ on this site will help as we continue to get better coverage and being able to afford travel and other costs.

A special shout out to Cory Martelli who literally took the bull by the horns in helping recruit so many new companies to advertise on this site.

You will notice that these advertiser’s are mostly from the communities of Canyon Lake as well as business’ from New Braunfels.

Go CL Hawks

Go CL Hawks

Go Warriors

           Go Warriors


The alternative in doing a site this way would be having each person subscribing to the sight for access. The ReSporter never liked that idea as it would not be ideal for people monetarily and a pain to keep up with.

By having advertiser’s, we can afford to continue in the same manner with out losing a beat. You can access all the companies that ad by going to our Advertiser’s Page.

This site has grown in readers every year since The ReSporter started and we feel this year should be no difference.

Do note, that each article can be printed for scrap booking and by punching on the Ads you will either be connected to the Advertiser’s Web Site or FaceBook.

Buying from your friends business is optimal as this community is so spread out that knowing what you might be able to get around the lake might be closer than going to those larger cities.

Also, visit articles written during the Summer season as The ReSporter has several pieces about this coming season.

Thank-you again for your patronage and know that The ReSporter will continue to share the exploits of students as they go through a special time in their lives called High School.

Remember, Where Sports is a Passion, not a Job!

Go Hawks and Go Warriors!!