Football | August 21, 2016

Bracken Finishes Final Scrimmage and Will Now need to Take out the Trash

Head Coach Hosea Stredic starts 2nd Year at Bracken

Head Coach Hosea Stredic starts 2nd Year at Bracken

Bracken Christian will be playing their first game against Bastrop Tribal Consolidated this Friday as the Warriors will start their 2nd Decade of competition.

BCS has had a winning season for the past 9 years after taking it on the chin that first year with just one win.

Since that time, the Warriors, have been a force in 6-man and had a State Championship during those first 10 years.

Now, Bracken will have a young club but the good news is many of those players are in their 2nd year and that will be a good sign for good things to come.

BCS will start in a new district and the 6-man community has combined schools as they will only have 2 divisions rather than 3 in the past few years.

That will translate into more teams to beat out for a chance to be that last school standing.

Go Warriors Beat Bastrop Consolidated

Go Warriors Beat Bastrop Consolidated

The Warriors had a tune up this past Saturday in Prairie Lea and now the real deal will commence this Friday on the road in Bastrop.

“I mixed some stuff up at the beginning,” Head Coach Hosea Stredic said. “Our Scout defense started instead of our regular players and defensively they did real well.”

That has to be a positive element as players that play well get rewarded and also communicates that Coaches watch closely during practice.

Coach Stredic continued admonishing the defense, “Whether we are in the tight or spread defense we are doing well….our open field tackling in the Spread is much better…..last year our tackling was good against the tight offense but our Spread defense beat us.”

“We are about even,” Stredic said in response to which defense was further along against a Tight vs. Spread offense. “It helps a whole lot when we can keep the same personnel out on the field if our opponent changes offense during a drive.”

That is how BCS will be able to keep the defense in attack form as teams might try to throw some wrinkles with their offense to catch an advantage on the Warriors.

Hillside Chiropractic say Go Warriors Beat the Tribe

Hillside Chiropractic say Go Warriors Beat the Tribe

Special Teams was also practiced during the scrimmage last Saturday.

“I would like for our team to be able to hit 85-90% of their PAT’s,” Coach continued. “That can be the difference in finishing or risking injury with more playing.”

Coach Stredic was commenting on how making your PATs can help a team reach the 45 point mark before halftime which helps save a team from injuries by not having a game continuing into the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Bracken has several players that are ready to dislodge starters if given an opportunity while in year’s past, the Warriors were having to use trash cans on defense so they could have a mock practice. Not having a lot of players gets dicey when injuries are prone to knock players out of the game and Coaches needing to be tactical in how they play those students.

“I got a couple of guys who are pressing the starters,” Coach Stredic kept the pressure on. “Paul Nakalanga was quick, fast, and not scared when I played him during the end of the Scrimmage as a running back.”

1439245528“I had seen him in the Spring and had been using him on defense but he has never played and we want to go slow and get him some confidence,”

Bracken Christian will be starting their second season with Coach Stredic and that will allow for more plays and different sets for games that were not available last year.

“We have added 6 & 7 fronts and different sets as we had 3 or 4 basic sets used last year,” Stredic said excitedly. “Right now we have several different looks and that will help us with our stunts and blitzes.”

Offensively, Bracken was missing Presley Day for this scrimmage as Day is nursing an injury.

“Cristian (DeLeon) was doing a whole lot better on his blocking,” Stredic commented on his Junior receiver.

“I let Coach Forgione have the first 20 offensive plays,” Stredic praised. “Then when I took the plays, I just ran the ball with power stuff….our Spread offense was OK but nothing went as well, as we had players open deep but we could not hit them.”

Alternative Pest Control says Crush a Bug Bracken

Alternative Pest Control says Crush a Bug Bracken Christian

On how this game on Friday could shape up, Coach Stredic said, “It is going to be a tough game, they will be aggressive and we will need to pop them in the mouth or this could be a long night.”

“I think we can run the Spread against the Tribe and use my bread and butter and just line up and run the tight offense,” Coach Stredic closed. “If our kids do what they are suppose to do then we will be ok.”

That is what makes watching high school players so much fun, since you know many times you ask them to take out the trash and to no avail you are on them again…..no different for Coaches as needing a team to just do what they are told to do…..”

Hopefully things will be ok and the trash is taken out before your home starts to smell.

Go Warriors and Take out the Trash!!