Game Article, Volleyball | August 27, 2016

CL Hawks Volleyball took on Blanco Friday night in a Surprising 4

Alysha Perez setting up another Hawk score in win over Blanco

Alysha Perez setting up another Hawk score in win over Blanco                        (Photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Hawk Volleyball took on Blanco Friday night in a surprising 4-1 match win against the Panthers.

Coach Paisley said it was a frustrating game and that her girls were playing Blanco’s game.

“We lacked the intensity that we have been playing with,” Coach said.

In the second game the Hawks started out on top, but it quickly became a point-for-point game. Faith Hasness’s spikes were money and kept the Hawks from falling behind. Regan Mickey was also top scoring playing a smart game at the net by placing tips in Blanco’s open court.

The back and forth scoring continued in the second game right down to the wire and Blanco outscored the Hawks by 25-23. A missed block and an error set Canyon Lake up for the loss.

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Go Hawks

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Go Hawks

The third game looked more indicative of the Lady Hawks capabilities when Kailey Duke aced a spike to start. The Hawks took the lead by 3 points and held that lead until less experienced players took the court making mistakes but allowing for teachable moments.

“Whenever you get a good hit, your confidence goes way up,” Duke said. “There are things I need work on, but I felt good about the hits I got.”

Game three had one of the longest volleys of the match and the point was won with an aced spike by the shortest member of the Hawk team Alysha Perez at 5’2”. She brought the score to 10-5 for Canyon Lake. Paige Bower went on to stuff Blanco with two blocks bringing the score to 14-5. The Hawks maintained a wide lead and ended the game with a 25-14 win.

Game four proved to be difficult for the Hawk team as they went from being Dr. Jeckle in game three to Mr. Hide in a game that looked like a fifth game in the making. Blanco scored point after unanswered point until the score was 10-0.

It did not look good for the Hawks until Blanco tipped the ball out of bounds and Hasness broke the streak with three spikes in a row. Her third spike an ace, which brought the score to 4-10. Then Blanco started in again and took the score to a seven-point spread. Though thwarted by mistakes, players like Landry Hollums aced a spike to win the serve back and Anna Bettersworth, another force at the net, crammed a bad bump straight back down over the net, which Blanco could not return.

Kaylie Duke getting a kill in win over Blanco

Kaylie Duke getting a kill in win over Blanco

Canyon Lake battled back to a score of 19-19. Spikes from Hasness took the game to 21-21 and Perez sent a well-placed tip over the net to finally pull the girls ahead 22-21. From that point forward they kept the lead. Bettersworth aced a spike to take back the ball and sat them up for the win with a 24-21 lead. They lost the serve, but Blanco’s service went out and what appeared to be loss for sure ended up in a Hawk win for the game and the match.

“We played down to their level,” Hasness said. “We didn’t have the intensity to pull it out in three games.”

Though Hasness saw how the game was going south, she did say she knew they would get a win out of it.

 CL vs Blanco
 CL Wins 25-19, 23-25, 25-14, 25-22

 CL Leaders
 Kills –   Faith Hasness     22
 Assists – Regan Mickey      37
 Digs –    Sam York          20
 Aces –    Faith Hasness      2,   Sam York    2
 Blocks-   Anna Bettersworth  7

 Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity won  25-22, 27-25
 Canyon Lake’s Freshman       won  25-11, 25-07