Game Article, Volleyball | August 13, 2016

Hawks Finish Tex-Fest with 5-1 Record

Junior Faith Hasness starts 2nd Year on Varsity

Junior Faith Hasness starts 2nd Year on Varsity

Canyon Lake Volleyball finished Tex-Fest Tournament with a 5-1 record and continues to improve during pre-district after beating Bastrop to end their Saturday play.

“I felt like we played together but we still have a lot to work on,” Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley said. “We had better competition today (Saturday) and I hope Laredo United wins.”

Laredo United was the one loss in tournament play as this 6A school had all the tools in that first matchup with the Hawks beating CL, 25-18 and 25-14/

The Hawks played a 5A school in Bastrop later Saturday and swept their opponent, 25-22 and 25-20.

“This afternoon we were blah,” Coach Paisley said matter of factly. “But a win is a win but we just did not have any intensity….I can’t have the intensity the team has to carry that on their on.”

Y4 Custom Homes says Way to Go Hawks

Y4 Custom Homes says Way to                Go Hawks

Hannah White was the server when Canyon Lake finally started a 4 point rally which allows the Hawks to get their first lead, 10-9.

The Hawks built on the lead when they had their biggest lead of 4 points going into the final stages of the game, 22-18.

Anna Bettersworth aced the game on her serve to help CL go up in that first game.

The Hawks started the second game behind again as Bastrop had their largest lead of 3 points, 4-1 early in the match.

Canyon Lake’s defense held Bastrop to only 3 offensive points the rest of the afternoon finishing with a 5 point win and sweep, 25-20.

Junior Faith Hasness in her second year of varsity play continued her first day of ball being all over the court.

“I think we are connecting and growing together,” Hasness stated. “We play games for entertainment while we wait for our games and that helps in pumping us up.”

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Hit them Long

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Hit them Long, Go Hawks!!

You can only imagine how competitive those games must be like as the girls hone in on sharpening their competitive edge.

“We just have to keep building up brick by brick and keep improving on our passing and not missing our serves,” Hasness helped in identifying key elements for improving as the season continues into the second week.

The Hawks won the game but did commit 16 unforced errors and that included 7 service errors in the game with Bastrop.

But as Coach Paisley stated, ‘a win is a win’, and now Canyon Lake will hit the hardwood next Tuesday they travel to Lockhart.

Go Hawks!!

                   Second Day at Tex-Fest

         Hawks lose to Laredo United, 18-25 and 14-25
         Hawks beat Bastrop, 25-22 and 25-20                  

                   Leaders for Both Games
         Kills:   Faith Hasness       6   Anna Bettersworth  4
         Assists: Regan Mickey        9   Faith Hasness      8
         Digs:    Faith Hasness       8   Sam York           7
         Aces:    Hannah White        3   Amber Voigt        2  Anna Bettersworth   1
         Blocks:  Anna Bettersworth  11