Game Article, Volleyball | August 31, 2016

Volleyball’s Freshman and JV Teams Continue Dominance in Wins over Marion

Back Row (from left to right), Eden Farley, Mariah Haight, and Tyler Hollums

Back Row (from left to right), Eden Farley, Mariah Haight, and Tyler Hollums          (picture by Phil Melone)

The Volleyball Sub-Varsity Teams did their patented sweep again as there was no prisoners taken as both the JV and Freshman
took care of their matches in short order.

That was a good thing as the crowd would not know the Varsity would inject some drama with their match by going 5 games later that evening.

The Hawk Freshman team was first, winning with a methodical, 25-14 and 25-08 score.

Alisia Niestemski is all business for the Hawks Volleyball

Alisia Niestemski is all business for Hawks Volleyball

There was not much drama in either contest as CL upped their record to 5-1for the season with a 5 game winning streak after starting the season losing to 6A Schertz Clemens in 3 sets.

“This was only our 6th game and I am very happy with the season,” Freshman Coach Tosha Ridgeway said. “I am anxious to get into
tournament play so we can get some more games in.”

The Freshman will go into tournament play next week with a chance of finding more opponents that could stretch the team with some

CL Freshman have played three schools from the 3A division and not having a lot of players will many times allow a larger school like Canyon Lake to outnumber their opponent.

On this night, The ReSporter, could have any of the girls as an opportunity to talk about this game so Alisia Niestemski was first up for questioning.

“I feel like these games we need to keep our intensity up,” Niestemski started. “We would like to play more so we can get sharp.”

On what that first game loss to Clemens did for this team, “We lost our intensity in that third game and we definitely wanted to go undefeated,” Niestemski said. “That loss made us work harder in practice.”

Freedom Mail Center says Go Hawks!!

Freedom Mail Center says               Go Hawks!!

You have to admire these type of athletes that expect and want perfection. This Hawk team is not a carbon copy of last year’s squad from Middle School.

“We got some new players,” Niestemski surmised. “We have all worked hard all Summer.”

CL Freshman was helped by setter Cassidy Felps in this game, “Last year in 8th Grade we did not click and this year we have gotten better.”

“We want to win district and we want to be the best Freshman team in Canyon Lake’s history,” Felps said matter of factly.

That statement will have some challenges as last year’s Senior Class was loaded with a good Freshman squad with 2 of those players (Bailey Drum and Alexis Robinson) playing in College right now.

“We want to keep playing a clean game but we also want to fight and be more aggressive,” Felps said in hoping to fulfill her earlier predictions.

Another great game and The ReSporter is thinking that next week this group of ladies will be tested at La Grange and in their tournament.

Go Hawk Freshman!!


Kaitlyn Kelly is still getting to know teammates

Kaitlyn Kelly is still getting to know teammates

CL’s Junior Varsity continue to improve as they beat the Bulldogs winning, 25-17 and 25-13 on the road in Marion.

This first game started slow for the Hawks as Marion went out to a 6-0 lead from the get go.

“It was a rough start,” Head JV Coach Megan Helmey said. “The girls pulled together and got more aggressive at the net.”

That certainly was seen as this game continued.

“Our serves made it a serving game and this team has jelled well,” Coach Helmey stated. “But we need to be more aggressive and get our teamwork ahead of the game.”

Kaitlyn Kelly helped slow down these Bulldogs with two aces on her serve that helped keep the Hawk JV within striking distance after Marion’s quick start.

Canyon Lake was still down, 7-11 when they took the game back with a, Raegan Cowan, serving while the team scored on 7 serves to take the lead, 14-12 which helped settle down those nerves that started with a lackadaisical start.

Cowan had 2 aces and a kill during this rally while Kelly and Tyler Hollums teamed up with Cowan with two more kills.

Adia Garcia is ready for Marion's best Serve

Adia Garcia is ready for Marion’s best Serve

The Marion team still stayed close when they closed the game to a Hawk two point lead, 18-16.

Enter Kelly to close out the game with a 6 point rally this time and final score of 25-17.

“This is a new beginning,” Kelly said while being one of the new students this year. “I haven’t played with the girls before and not knowing their weakness’ and strengths.”

That knowledge will certainly help as this year continues and this team starts to jell with those repetitive practices and games.

“Passes have to be there and we are playing better but we still need to get on top of the ball,” Kelly said like a coach.

That second set started much like their just completed win as the Bulldogs jumped out to a 4-1 lead.

That would be the extent of Marion’s game as CL had a 3 serve rally from Cowan with two kills from Eden Farley and Mariah Haight.

With Canyon Lake holding an 8-7 lead, Farley would serve 9 times for another killer rally for the Hawks and for all intense and purposes making this game a laugher.

Most of those points were off of Marion errors as the depth of the Hawks played a key ingredient for increasing this lead.

The Hawks kept the pressure going and won by 12 points, 25-13 for the sweep.

Go CL Lady Hawks

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks

“We just came together and got motivated,” Cowan said in response to the slow start in this match. “We had to play through….compared to last year we are a lot more bonded and this year we are working better and playing as a team.”

Cowan closed, “We just have to be more passionate about our game.”

Another Hawk team destined to fill Volleyball for more years to come with good players.

Congratulations and Go Hawks!!