Football, Game Article | September 2, 2016

CL Hawks Run the Clock in Win Over Reagan Raiders, 42-16

Hawks entering game with Austin Reagan in win , 42-16

Hawks entering game with Austin Reagan in win , 42-16           (mjrphotog.com)

Canyon Lake controlled the 2nd quarter in their win over Austin Reagan at the Hawk Nest, 42-16.

The Hawks allowed the Raiders just one offensive play in that 2nd stanza and the play turned out to be an interception as CL scored 21 points and retaking the lead for good.

Reagan was very business like in working a 10-7 lead after a 27 yard field goal with 1:30 left in the quarter.

That field goal drive was the Raiders second longest on this night as they controlled this drive with 14 plays while moving the ball 60 yards. Canyon Lake helped Reagan with several penalties on this drive.

“We let them off the hook and if we do that in the next few weeks then that is how we can get beat,” Head Coach Charlie Drum said in response to all the flags thrown to the ground. “A win is a win, but a sloppy game and dumb penalties will need to be corrected.”

One penalty happened on a Reagan punt resulting in a roughing the kicker call and helping give the Raiders new life and that eventual field goal.

Hill Country Furnishings says way to go Hawks

Hill Country Furnishings says way to go Hawks

All total, CL and Reagan teamed up for 21 penalties for 165 yards. The Hawks won both of those battles finishing with 12 infractions and 100 yards of real estate.

Sloppy would be the best phrase to describe the action but this contest would have several anomalies on plays Hawk fans had not seen for a while or not at all.
√ How about an interference call on an opponent. Since the Slot-T came to town having an interference call has not made an appearance since the 2012 season.
√ Already mentioned the 2nd Quarter but controlling the clock for all by 18 seconds was a first.
√ The Hawks had more passing yardage than rushing for the first half which would be another one of those, ‘hasn’t happened since 2012’ happenings.
√ Two consecutive kick-off recoveries, which led to the Hawks running all the plays but one in that 2nd quarter.
√ The kicker recovering his own onside kick. Trenton Lorett pulled that off and a not seen very often trick.

Reagan only had to drive 13 yards for their first score after a Hawk fumble on their 2nd play to start the game.

Canyon Lake tied the score on their second chance with the ball and moved the rock 53 yards as Tanner Faris had two consecutive plays for 39 yards one by receiving (30 yards) and the other by foot for 9 yards and the score.

But the Raiders would take the lead back with a field goal on their next drive and with those points some momentum.

Micah St. John getting Yards in Hawks Win over Raiders

Micah St. John getting Yards in Hawks Win over Raiders (mjrphotog.com)

Austin Reagan would only have the ball for one play from 1:30 seconds in the first quarter to one play (an interception) in the second. Then the next time Reagan had an offensive snap was deep in the 3rd quarter after a Hawk thrown interception at the 6:48 mark of that quarter.

The Raiders had just 1 play in 18:24 amount of time. Hard to make yardage if you don’t have the ball.

That first onside kick could not have been drawn out any better as Trenton Lorett kicked the ball down the middle of the field and recovered his own ball. (excuse The ReSporter as we add another √ to our anomaly line above).

Next play was a 34 yard pass play to Brandon Courtney and score after just 8 seconds off the clock.

Courtney has had his patented ‘Hurdle’ play for the last two games and one scrimmage and with his track speed and hurdle ability, this has been a break out weapon for Canyon Lake.

“I could have made the hurdle if he (the defender) had not clipped me,” Courtney said on commenting on his run. “It is just an impulse.”

On what he was thinking for his second touchdown reception in two games, Courtney admonished, “It is a crazy sensation and then I accidentally spiked the ball….I have to approach it and clean up those penalties.”

What momentum Reagan had left the stadium without a trace as the next time the Raiders looked up at the scoreboard, their 3 point lead, 10-7 would be an 18 point deficit, 28-10.

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Go Hawks

The Club at Rebecca Creek says      Go Hawks

Depth was also needed for the offense as Faris was sidelined and Joseph Ruiz came off the bench to give valuable playing time.

“I was kind of nervous when I first went out there,” Ruiz stated. “But I just had to step up and stop thinking about the plays and have fun.”

CL ran 60 plays compared to 45 plays amassed by Reagan. That same stat has the Hawks averaging 6.4 yards per snap compared to 4.2 steps by the Raiders.

Depth and a rested defense would tell the tale for the rest of this night as Reagan only had 101 yards of offense before their last drive of 88 yards for their final score for this contest.

Take away that 88 yard drive and Reagan had a dismal 2.8 yards per snap as the Hawk defense has now faced a rushing opponent and passing team in those first two games and now have a passing (excuse us) rushing grade.

Two of the many Hawk defenders was Richard Rosas and Kenneth Jowers who had there presence shown on the field on this night.

“When this game started I just wanted to get a pass rush,” Rosas said in response to his sack of the quarterback. “It seems like each week we progress and I am super blessed to play with my friends and it was cool sacking their quarterback.”

QB Ben Fulton passed for 126 yards in win over Raiders

QB Ben Fulton passed for 126 yards in win over Raiders   (mjrphotog.com)

That defense was also responsible for two interceptions as Caimen McDonough had his first INT for his career after he won a jump ball at the 3-point line.

“I saw their Quarterback scrambling and then the receivers were moving to get open,” McDonough recounted. “I saw the Quarterback’s eyes and followed it into my hands.”

You get the jest as the Hawks will now prepare to meet Giddings at home in a week with a chance of starting their season 3-0 which happened last during that 2011 campaign.

So this defense has more to do as there will be many more chances to see if they can stay consistent, as that was the major down fall with last year’s edition on defense.

“We have more then enough things to work on,” Linebacker Kenneth Jowers said not satisfied. “We still need to kick it in gear and get better than what we did tonight…we have a lot to work on to be a great defense this year.”

That will be the key as Giddings will bring another solid team to the Hawk Nest and another test to see if Canyon Lake can answer the bell.

Go Hawks and beat the Buffaloes!!

                  1  2  3  4   Final
 Reagan Raiders  10  0  0  6   16
 CL Hawks         7 21  0 14   42
 Scoring Summary:
 AR-Benn 5 yard run (Brown kick), 8:07, 1st
 CL-Tanner Faris 9 yard run (Trenton Lorett kick), 6:08, 1st
 AR-Jose James 27 yard field goal, 1:30, 1st
 CL-Austin Brennan 22 yard pass from Ben Fulton (Lorett kick), 9:24, 2nd
 CL-Brandon Courtney 34 yard pass from Ben Fulton (Lorett kick), 9:16, 2nd
 CL-Austin Brennan 2 yard run (Trenton Lorett kick), 5:02, 2nd
 CL-Micah St. John 12 yard run (Trenton Lorett kick), 9:20, 4th
 CL-Austin Brennan 11 yard run (Trenton Lorett kick), 4:03, 4th
 AR-Benn 24 yard run (kick failed), 1:22

 Game Stats      Raiders    Hawks
 Total Yards     189        382
 First Downs     10         21
 Rush/Yards      12/75      49/256
 Comp/Att/Int    15/33/2    7/11/1
 Passing Yards   114        126
 Punts/Average   2/36.5     1/32.0
 Fumbles/Lost    0/0        2/1
 Penalties-Yards 9-65       12-100
 TOP             15:07      32:53

 Passing         Comp   Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Ben Fulton      7      11   .636   126   1    2

 Rushing         Att   Yds   Ave  Lg  TD
 Austin Brennan  11    78    7.1  27  2
 Micah St. John  14    73    5.2  13  1
 Tanner Faris     5    31    6.2  16  1
 Joseph Ruiz      8    31    3.9  14  0
 Hayden Reed      5    30    6.0  16  0
 Brandon Courtney 1     6    6.0   6  0
 Ben Fulton       3     4    1.3  11  0
 Anthony Jones    2     3    1.5   2  0

 Receiving        No   Yds   Ave  Lg  TD
 Brandon Courtney 2    46   23.0  34  1
 Austin Brennan   2    34   17.0  22  1
 Tanner Faris     1    30   30.0  30  0
 Joseph Ruiz      1    11   11.0  11  0
 Heath McDonough  1     5    5.0   5  0