Coaches Corner, Football | September 15, 2016

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Hosea Stredic

Head Coach Hosea Stredic

Head Coach Hosea Stredic

The ReSporter would like to apologize with not having a game article after Bracken’s win over Medina last week. The replay The ReSporter sees for witnessing the game was messed up which caused the game being delayed to the first of this week. So, not enough time to develop a story based on other businesses The ReSporter has to help pay mortgage.

The ReSporter: What is your overall thoughts as the team has finished 1/3 of their season, are they where you thought they would be?

Coach Stredic: “Nah, really I am real happy with where we are. The guys are really grasping to the offense, but the defense has to improve. I am ok with where we are but we have a ways to go.”

The ReSporter: I noticed you started the game in spread and then got back to tight, is changing up the offense a lot like having a good running game opening up the passing lanes?

Coach Stredic: “As far as coming out in the spread, I thought about running spread all night, but I figured we would stay with what we are good at…..so we went back to the tight offense.”

The ReSporter: Lucas McCrum seems to be taking a larger role in the offense how will this help your offense as the season continues?

Go Bracken Christian Warriors

   Go Bracken Christian Warriors

Coach Stredic: “Lucas is the quarterback of the future, but we cannot wait for the future to get here….we have to get him a little prepared throughout this season also. He and Brady are doing a super job.”

The ReSporter: Paul Nakalanga seems to be really enjoying himself, what does his speed in the middle of the   defense help the team overall as well as his kicking skills being nails.

Coach Stredic: “Paul is the man. Just think, making 7 extra points is 14 points and then he made his first field goal try of the season which could be lethal later in the season….Paul’s speed helps a little, if he stops over playing the play it will really help

The ReSporter: Medina dropped a bus load of passes that if they were caught might have made that a different game, how is the team adjusting to having DeLeon in the backfield?

Go Warriors

         Go Warriors

Coach Stredic: “In the Medina game it could have turned out different, but I still believe we would have won.”

The ReSporter: What are the keys with this Friday’s game with Giddings State School?

Coach Stredic: “Just play football and we will win.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and we like your short and to the point answers….Be Blessed this week and good luck against Giddings.