Coaches Corner, Football | September 27, 2016

Coaches Corner with Canyon Lake’s Charlie Drum

The ReSporter: What is the overall attitude for the team as they prepare for a 6A school this Thursday?

Head Coach Charlie Drum

       Head Coach Charlie Drum

Coach Drum: “Practices after a win always help with the enthusiasm in practice. The boys are excited about playing a 6A team, and hopefully play with great energy.”

The ReSporter: What were some good things you took away from last week’s win over Lampasas?

Coach Drum: “Two things. Our special teams were definitely a plus, we were perfect on extra points and recovered an onside kick while cleanly recovering two of their onside kicks. Secondly, the way our offense took over the second half, controlling the clock and scoring points.”

The ReSporter: It seems that Akins running game is a little more advanced than their passing game, how do you see there offense?

Coach Drum: “They have a dynamic QB and RB, they try and create space for them and let them make big plays. Although, they have been more productive on the ground thus far, the QB has a big arm and some talented receivers that can make you pay in the air.”

Hillside Chiropractic say Go Hawks Beat the Eagles

 Hillside Chiropractic say Go Hawks Beat the Eagles

The ReSporter: Give us your overall grade for the Special Teams this season and what are the strengths that you have seen thus far.

Coach Drum: “For the second week in a row our special teams has come up with a big play. this is important because the kids see firsthand how special teams can be a weapon, especially in a close game.”

  The ReSporter: Earlier this year we talked about how playing so many games in a row without a break would cause you in having to get players rest here and there…..has that turned out as you wished and how will that proceed as we go into district play?

Coach Drum: “This week will be crucial in that regard. Playing a 6A team with a lot more depth will be especially challenging and some of our backup players will need to be ready to play each series.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and have a great week.