Coaches Corner, Football | September 14, 2016

Coaches Corner with Charlie Drum

Canyon Lake's Head Coach Charley Drum

Hawk’s Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter caught up with Coach Charlie Drum on this important week when the Hawks will try to rebound after their loss to Giddings and takes on Wimberley for this Battle of the Devil’s Backbone!

The ReSporter: Do you see a different intensity from the players when you prepare for playing Wimberley?

Coach Drum: “Yes, it is a natural geographic rivalry and a lot of these kids grew up together playing youth sports.”

The ReSporter: What did you take away from last week’s game that might help as you continue the season?

Coach Drum: “The different changes in momentum throughout the game. I thought we bounced back nicely from some of their early big plays, but were unable to match that in the 4th quarter.”

Don't Forget Homecoming is right around the corner & Go Hawks

Don’t Forget Homecoming is right around the corner & Go Hawks

The ReSporter: Did Giddings do anything in last week’s game that took the pass from your arsenal? Or was it just the athleticism they had with not having as much protection and getting receivers open.

Coach Drum: “Their secondary was obviously very athletic and have the capability of turning an interception into 6 points. Also, with our early success running the ball, Giddings revved it up a notch in the second half to take that away.”

The ReSporter: Wimberley seems to have a decent defense based on how they shut down Lampasas last week and with their game with Giddings the week before that….what are they doing that is making it hard to score on them?

Coach Drum: “They are very active and come at you from different ways. They are definitely playing well, anytime you hold a potent offense like Lampasas to 7 points, it is very impressive.”

The ReSporter: Does playing for a Devil’s Back-Bone Trophy do anything for a game like this or just the fact you are playing Wimberley help in getting the players’ focused?

Hawk Proud

       Hawk Proud

Coach Drum: “I think the trophy has added to the rivalry, as having won the last two out of three has. Everyone used to ask if Wimberley was our rival, they were not until we won a few games. Especially after Wimberley dominated the first 5 meetings in the series.”

The ReSporter: What is different between last year’s Texans team and this season edition?

Coach Drum: “They are a year older, being a young team last year they struggled early but rebounded to advance to the 3rd round of the playoffs. Their returners are still feeding off that late season success.”

The ReSporter: What match-up will be fun for the fan to watch this Friday?

Coach Drum: “Our offensive line vs. their defensive line. We had some success last year down in the trenches, but their D-line is playing at a much higher level.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and go get Wimberley this week and bring back the Devil’s Backbone Trophy!!