Football, Pre/Game | September 14, 2016

Pre-Game: Canyon Lake @ Wimberley

Picture by Mark Robinson (mjrphotog.com)

                                       Picture by Mark Robinson (mjrphotog.com)

                      Canyon Lake    @     Wimberley        7:30pm
                      Hawks (2-1)          Texans (2-1)

          History: Wimberley leads this series, 6-2.
          2008   Hawks  07    Texans  41
          2009   Hawks  15    Texans  38
          2010   Hawks  18    Texans  38
          2011   Hawks  14    Texans  50
          2012   Hawks  03    Texans  40
          2013   Hawks  28    Texans  13
          2014   Hawks  27    Texans  28
          2015   Hawks  28    Texans  14

               This Year Games
         Hawks   40   Blanco    07        Texans   33   La Vernis   07
         Hawks   42   Reagan    16        Texans   13   Giddings    24
         Hawks   21   Giddings  34        Texans   31   Lampasas    07

Canyon Lake has won 2 of the last 3 contests as the Hawks seem to have finally caught up with the Texans knowing that just getting off the bus does not mean your team has lost.

Bare Bull says Go Hawk Football

Bare Bull says Go Hawk Football

Wimberley has been a recipient of many turnovers in the form of interceptions during the first part of this series as the Texans won the first 5 years with some degree of authority.

The Hawks have had good statistical games but those numbers did not add up to having more points after the final horn ended play.

Now winning the last 2 home games with Wimberley will be another hurdle in how long CL have to play before winning a game at the Texans home field.

Two years ago, Canyon Lake lost this game by one point as the Texans drove the field in the final minute to pull off the win. That game also had two teams evenly matched but a fumble caused another turning point. Hence, the dreaded turnover once again spelling a Hawk loss.

So one key for the CL to have a fighting chance would reside in taking care of the ball and not allowing Wimberley a chance to take advantage of those miscues.

Beat Wimberley

    Beat Wimberley

The ReSporter only has 2 games of statistics for this year’s Wimberley team so these numbers will be an indication but not the whole picture.

Wimberley in those two games is averaging a little over 100 yards by passing and Gavin Martinez was their favorite target with 84 yards and 7 receptions.

The Texans have doubled their passing yards by the run and average 225 yards on the ground. The leader with the rock is Jake Cockerham with 118 yards. Wimberley has several players with significant yardage in the running game as four other players have 55 or more yards via toting the ball.

Two QBs have been behind center with Davin Masur with the best numbers with a 56% completion rate while Jordan Weeks has the same amount of yards passing and rushing.

The key for Wimberley will come from their defense as they have been pretty stout by giving Giddings (their only loss) 23 points and all of those points by the Buffaloes was accomplished by their defense.

Last week, the Texans, shut down a Lampasas team with 7 points and that Badger team came into that game with some high octane offensively.

Don't Forget Homecoming is right around the corner & Go Hawks

Don’t Forget Homecoming is right around the corner & Go Hawks

Canyon Lake will live and die by the run and last week the run was great in the first half but failed in the second stanza as Giddings held the Hawks scoreless in getting their 13 point win.

The Hawks are averaging 309 yards rushing so far this season and almost 100 yards passing. Last week the passing game never got off the ground and so that part of the game will hopefully get back on track.

QB Ben Fulton has been on target this year with a 67% completion rate and 3 touchdowns on 12 completions. That is a vintage Slot-T passing game as the run will many times get opponents in a trance and then the passing game can get a knock-out punch.

The Hawks have 3 running backs with over 200 yards rushing with Austin Brennan (291), Tanner Faris (234), and Micah St. John (231) having a balanced rushing attack.

Brennan is averaging over 10 yards per carry which was helped by his 90 yard run earlier this year in Blanco.

Canyon Lake’s defense is allowing 232 yards per game with much of that damage coming from last week’s Giddings game.

The Hawks have a decent chance on Friday and getting over, winning on the road against Wimberley,  being the biggest hurdle left in this Battle-of-the-BackBone.

Both teams sport 2-1 records with both of those losses at the hands of Giddings.

A longer drive to the game, but this still could be classified as a home game and if that comes about then the Hawks might be able to pull this game out.

Go Hawks!!