Cross Country, Football, Tennis, Volleyball | September 25, 2016

This Week @ Canyon Lake

Greyson Lee zeroing in for another tackle

Greyson Lee zeroing in for another tackle in Lampasas game.                    (photo by Karen Holmes-Hilltop ReSporter)

                                 This Week      @     Canyon Lake

 Tuesday   Sept. 27      CL Hawks Freshman      @     Boerne             5pm    Volleyball
                         CL Hawks JV            @     Boerne             5pm    Volleyball
                         CL Hawks               @     Boerne             6pm    Volleyball

 Wednesday Sept. 28      CL Hawks               @     Boerne Champion    4:30pm Tennis
                         Austin Akins           @     CL Hawks Freshman  5pm    Football
                        *Austin Akins           @     CL Hawks JV        7pm    Football

 Thursday Sept. 29      *CL Hawks               @     Austin Akins       7pm    Football
                                                      Burger Stadium

 Friday   Sept. 30       Hondo Freshman         @     CL Hawks Freshman  5pm    Volleyball
                         Hondo JV               @     CL Hawks JV        5pm    Volleyball
                         Hondo                  @     CL Hawks           6pm    Volleyball

 Saturday Oct.  01       CL Hawks               @     Comfort             am    Cross Country
 * Games to be broadcast on CBL KMAC Network


This past week was not a total win win week as the Hawk Volleyball team was swept by La Vernia from the freshman on up to Varsity.

Alternative Pest Control says Crush a Bug Hawks

Alternative Pest Control says Crush a Bug Hawks

To say the Vernia Bears have a good team would be an understatement as this school made CL look tame in comparison.

But now the fun part of the season debuts as the Hawks start their quest for another District Title with a road game in Boerne on Tuesday and then a home game this coming Friday, when Hondo comes to town.

Starting and ending with a win this week would be a good step in making a case for supremecy but Bandera and Fredericksburg are two teams that won to start their district slate on Friday and they will have a say in how this season will end.

The Hawk Football team did not start the week well as the CL Freshman squad had a definitive loss that dropped their undefeated season with a loss.

CL’s Junior Varsity was also on the short end of the stick to that same Lampasas school as they too were not as competitive as they have been this season.

Canyon Lake’s Varsity did help in stemming that tide as they won their first of three meetings with the Badgers as the Hawk offense was in full attack form by out scoring Lampasas.

Hawk Proud!!

                 Hawk Proud!!

The Hawk Defense will need to start getting back to their early season form as it is not good in having to outscore an opponent each week with out a solid defense each week.

Canyon Lake will have a taste of 6A action this week on Thursday in Austin and this contest will be a huge measuring stick to see if a win can be pulled off.

This game along with this week’s JV Football contest will be broadcasted on our CLB network and if you will not be able to attend. Come to this site and hit the CLB button on the top line and get hooked up for listening.

Tennis is still on a learning curve and this week they will be at Boerne Champion while the Cross Country Hawks will start their run in Comfort on Saturday.

The ReSporter has mentioned this before, but Cross Country could finish this season with better times than last year but still end up with less hides on the wall as this new school alignment did no favors for Canyon Lake.

Boerne and Fredericksburg are both in the top 10 in the state of Texas and Bandera is no slouch of a CC team to boot.

Good Luck this Week and Go Hawks!!