Canyon Lake Broadcasting’s Future


Canyon Lake Broadcasting’s Future

The idea was a simple one as we started thinking through the next phase of having the students at Canyon Lake highlighted in a market that leaves CL in the dark for the most part.

Yes, the New Braunfels’ paper covers the Hawks but for obvious reasons this paper has many other schools that are much larger that demands their attention.

Hence, The ReSporter and now Canyon Lake Broadcasting (CBL) is in their first year of working football games for the Hawk Nation.

Go Hawks!!

                      Go Hawks!!

In partnership with K-Mac Sports based in Austin, CBL has already rivaled many of the other Streamed Broadcasts in listeners giving hope that this endeavor has become an integral concept for covering future Hawk sporting events.

CBL would like to let people and business’ in the area know that this next step of covering the student’s coming in the near future as this year’s Hawk Volleyball team has clinched a playoff spot and having a desire of seeing if their might be interest in some of those games broadcasted.

Basketball is coming in November and knowing if there is interest in these two sports would also be a help for calendaring basketball games.

Canyon Lake is on the threshold of having several teams that are beginning to peak as both the Girls and Boys Basketball teams ascended to the playoffs last season and have aspirations that this year’s clubs also continuing that same successful mountain.

If CBL has an interest for the future of Hawks Sports, then please contact Cory Martelli at 210-246-3345 and let’s get started covering our students in these other sports.

Cory will be able to go over costs that are needed in having these contests Broadcasted.

Thanks for reading The ReSporter and please let us know of ideas or thoughts for future endeavors for covering our students at Canyon Lake High School.

Go Hawks!!