Coaches Corner, Football | October 13, 2016

Coaches Corner with Football’s Charley Drum

The ReSporter: How is the team health wise as you enter the Boerne game?

Canyon Lake's Head Coach Charlie Drum

Canyon Lake’s Coach Charley Drum

Coach Drum: “We are in good shape, just the usual bumps and bruises that come after 7 straight games.”

The ReSporter: Luck might not be a good word for this, but you have 3 games left and now have an off week between some games, knowing that most teams off date is in the middle of the schedule. Do you think this year’s bye week might help in how this team can finish better in district play?

Coach Drum: “We will learn a lot after this weeks game with Boerne, I expect a very intense and physical game. As we do the next week at Fredricksburg, so an off week before we finish up with Taylor may be ideal.”

The ReSporter: Seeing guys like Anthony Jones having an uplifting game last Friday has to do wonders as the team prepares as many of these players are doing whatever the Coaches need knowing they might not have a chance for playing time in a game. Give us your take on these players and their worth for the Hawk team.

Hit Man says Go Hawks!

          Hit Man says Go Hawks!

Coach Drum: “That was definitely a positive taken from last week. Not only did all of the backups play. but they played at a high level contributing to a school record 63 points and our first ever shutout.”

The ReSporter: Boerne balanced out their offensive attack in last week’s game with Fredericksburg, is this a pass first offense or do you expect any changes this week?

Coach Drum: “Boerne will do what you give them. If you load the secondary with people, they will run effectively. If you load the box and pressure them, they can beat you in the air. They are definitely a challenge to defend.”

The ReSporter: Many people will look at Boerne’s passing game and stayed focused on that aspect of their team, however, the defense is just as impressive. What do you see in this Greyhound defense that might mirror what you saw in your game with Wimberley?

Go Hawks

             Go Hawks

Coach Drum: “Their defense is playing at a high level this year. They are a lot like Wimberely, they fly to the football and are very good tacklers.”

The ReSporter: You have a lot of younger players on the roster and now with the season 2/3 of the way finished, do they have any wiggle room in having mistakes or is this the time that  your expectations are higher based on all the games played and experience?

Coach Drum: “The expectations have been high all year with the majority of our kids getting experience last year. This game has been circled on our schedule since re-alignment. Boerne was definately the district favorite starting the year and it is going to take great effort in all three phases of the game to knock them off.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck this Friday.