Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 10, 2016

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

The Hawk Volleyball Team will have this Tuesday off, so The ReSporter caught up with Head Coach Kim Paisley for a Coaches Corner to help fill the void of not having a game.

The ReSporter: How and where do you assess this Hawk team as you prepare for the next two weeks?

Coach Paisley: “We have taken care of business with 2 road matches in Boerne and Bandera, took care of the Owls at home, and fell short to the Billies in a grueling, exciting 5 set match at home. We are hungry and  focused on continuing our ride down the road to 1st in district (even if that means co-district champs). We need to keep the intensity and carry momentum from the first round into this second round starting Friday with Boerne.”

Coach Paisley continued, “We are sitting in 2nd to close out the the 1st round, and the pressure will be on the Billies when we go to their gym. We will be ready for them.”

The ReSporter: What happened in the Fredericksburg game?

Coach Paisley: “We had too many unforced errors, and they had too many unforced errors. That match was exciting, yet frustrating, and really that win for the night could have gone either way. It just happened to fall into Fredericksburg’s lap.”

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Hawk Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Hawk Volleyball….Beat Boerne!!

The ReSporter: How will you go into this next round as all the teams have a first hand knowledge of each other?

Coach Paisley: “We have film that we will break down, and we have our ‘trusty’ notebooks that we record notes and asses our match at the end of the night. These are 2 good tools to decide what needs to be added to the practice plan and what strategies and approach we will take into each match for the 2nd round.”

The ReSporter: If the second round finished just like the first round but having Canyon Lake beating Fredericksburg, what would need to happen for the Hawks to finish a head of the Billies?

Coach Paisley: “Per district minutes,  In the event that two or more teams are tied for the play-offs, the following will determine the play-off position:

Hawk  Proud & Beat Boerne

    Hawk Proud & Beat Boerne

a.    Head to Head Records
b.    Play-Off between the two schools involved
c.    Coin flip if mutually agreed on by both schools”

The ReSporter: Will you be doing any tinkering in your rotation or substitution patterns to enhance these next two weeks as you prepare for the Playoffs?

Coach Paisley: “There is not too much to change with our rotation or line-ups, but we will definitely be coming up with different strategies within our line-up to help fight through that Fredericksburg match the second round. All players need to be ready to go every match.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck this week against the Greyhounds.