Coaches Corner, Football | October 25, 2016

Football: Coaches Corner with Charley Drum

Head Coach Charley Drum

Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter: You have mentioned in past talks on how this younger group of players on how their winning ways might change on the mindset for this team. How has that mentality played through this group of players?

Coach Drum: “Starting with our off season last year, this group has been very competitive. Whether is is football, academics, or video games, they enjoy competing and winning.”

The ReSporter: How would you grade your defense up to this point of the season?

Coach Drum: “Above average, what makes this group different than years past is the amount of takeaways and after Giddings, limiting big plays.”

The ReSporter: How would you grade your offense up to this point of the season?

CLJV is On-Point for Hawk Sports

CLJV is On-Point for Hawk Sports

Coach Drum: “Excellent, you take away a few quarters against Giddings and Wimberley, they have been nearly unstoppable. It has helped us on the defensive side tremendously. We have almost doubled our opponent’s time of possession the last 5 ball games.”

The ReSporter: Is going to games to scout as important when you have sites like Hudl to help with seeing what a team’s strengths and weaknesses? If yes, then what are some of the things you gain in going to games personally?

Coach Drum: “Hudl has definitely helped save time and resources. The things you get in person are what happens between plays. Such as the body language of the players and the speed an offense may actually run their offense.”

The ReSporter: Before a game, what are some signs you can look for to see if the guys will be ready to play at kick-off vs. coming out flat?

Coach Drum: “Teenage kids are hard to read sometimes, but towards the end of season you tend to notice things that are usually in our routine and personality.”

Go Hawks

               Go Hawks

The ReSporter: How would you assess District 13-4A’s teams as many pundits have called this group of teams the best in the State?

Coach Drum: “Very strong from top to bottom. Also, very athletic, no matter who we play in the 1st round it will be a battle.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and enjoy your week off.