Coaches Corner, Football | October 20, 2016

Football: Coaches Corner with Charley Drum


Defense played a key factor in last week's Boerne game

Defense played a key factor in last week’s Boerne game.            (mjrphotog.com)


The ReSporter: Do you feel that with so many passing offenses these days that a running offense like the Hawks have installed help when facing defenses that are always preparing for passing teams rather than a rushing offense?

Head Coach Charlie Drum

     Head Coach Charlie Drum

Coach Drum: “Definitely, our offense is very physical and it is hard to simulate in practice while preparing for it.”

The ReSporter: What are your concerns this week as you prepare for Fredericksburg?

Coach Drum:  “Facing a team that is coming off a bye week, while we are playing our 9th game in a row is somewhat worrisome.  We expect a very intense and emotional game and need to bring the same mindset we had last week against Boerne.”

The ReSporter: What was some positive things you feel came from the win over Boerne?

Coach Drum: “Our offense rushing for over 400 yards against one of the area’s best defenses was a huge positive.”

Bare Bull says Way to Go Hawks

Bare Bull says Way to Go Hawks

The ReSportter: Speaking of positive things, the pressure put on the Boerne QB was a key for the game, did you anticipate such a good game by the defensive front?

Coach Drum: “That was one of our keys we talked about last week.  Our D-line played their best game of the year at just the right time.”

The ReSporter: How do you keep the players focused during each week?

Coach Drum: “We set some goals in the off season and one of those goals was a district championship, so the kids and coaches continually talk about keeping that goal alive and well.”

The ReSporter: In the past the defense just did not play with consistency, even tho Boerne scored 38 points and gave up yardage in the passing game. You can easily deduce that the defense played much better than those numbers finished. How has that part of the game matured for this team?

Go Hawks!!

                    Go Hawks!!

Coach Drum: “Although there is plenty to improve on, our kids are playing physical and smart football for the whole 48 minutes.  Also, the offense controlling the clock and keeping the opposing offenses off the field has helped tremendously.”

The ReSporter: You have mentioned that the younger players do not like to lose, has that been evident as this season has continued?

Coach Drum: “Our junior and sophomore classes were very successful at the lower levels and are the most competitive classes we have had here at CLHS.  They do not like to lose at anything including football games.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and go get’em this week.