Football, Sport News | October 5, 2016

Football: District 14-4A Division 1 Outlook

Down to 4 District 14-4A Contests

Down to 4 District 14-4A Contests                                                       (photo by Karen Holmes)

The ReSporter will go over what is known about 14-4A schools as the district football schedule starts up this Friday.

What we know: Boerne is a good passing team but what might be overlooked is how well of a defensive squad they are and how that will win many games for these Greyhounds.

In Boerne’s last contest with Wimberley they had their worst showing on that side of the ball in giving up 385 yards. What is even more of an eye opener is how well the Texans rushed in this game totaling 255 yards on the ground.

In their two losses, the Greyhounds defense gave up 280 or more in yardage. The Hawks can vouch for how tough Wimberley was to handle on both sides of the ball and the Texans rush defense had the Hawks relying on special teams and a passing game for points.

In Boerne’s first game with Devine their defense gave up over 200 yards on the ground but could only muster 23 yards via the airways. That is how most games go for a slot-T team and this would be another capsule specimen to put under a microscope.

Italian Garden Says Go Hawks Win District!!

Italian Garden Says Go Hawks    Win District!!

Only 6 passes by the Warhorse offense and two of those throws were intercepted. This game was over quickly as Boerne had a 35 point lead by halftime. To top it off, the Greyhounds ran the opening 2nd half kick-off back for a touchdown.

Add another touchdown by returning a fumble and you get the idea that this game would not give the Hawks a good idea of how to handle this team. Two Devine TD’s in the fourth quarter will tell you what their defense had a 2nd or 3rd string group of players on the field during that part of the game.

Devine is 4-1 for this season but looking at those games will not give a casual fan any reason to fear that this club is as good, with that record.

Bottom line is Boerne is probably the team to beat in district and CL will certainly have a chance if they are able to bottle up that energy displayed in the Austin Akin bout.

Next up is the Taylor Ducks which is a team all about offense. The Ducks are an accomplished team by the pass or run and have the skilled players to get the job done.

In Taylor’s loss last week the Ducks were held to their lowest offensive output and scored just 14 points which was 30 fewer points than their average entering the contest.

Go Canyon Lake

    Go Canyon Lake

Bellville was the team that inflicted the loss to the Ducks and those 14 points scored came in the last 4 minutes of the game.

Take note that Bellville had 470 yards on the ground in this game which will give CL some smiles as that is their main mode of transportation. To say the least, running the ball is what the Brahmas advertise as they enter the field each week much like Canyon Lake.

In fact, the Hawks passing yardage is 400 yards more than Bellville’s total. Taylor is allowing right at 300 yards rushing per game and if the Coaches can replicate the Brahmas game then that will be good for the record book.

Do note that Canyon Lake does have a propensity of helping Taylor as the Hawks lost the last two years after enjoying leads. Last year’s game had CL losing after a 19 point lead coming from their halftime locker room.

Taylor is beatable and the Duck’s were also on the ropes during the last two campaigns, so CL will have to clip the Duck’s wings for some good soup to have a chance while playing the whole game by cutting turnovers and being on for that night.

Fredericksburg has a balanced offense that has similar numbers by passing and rushing the ball. Canyon Lake has had the Billies number these past few years and to keep that trend the Hawks will need to have a good rushing game and control that side of the ball.

The Billies have given up 215 yards per game on the ground this season and that stat should help the Hawks clock eating machine.

Go Hawks Beat Eastside Memorial

Go Hawks Beat Eastside Memorial

Last year Canyon Lake was not consistent defensively but this season that has been an improvement especially on how well the rushing defense has controlled opposing team’s running game.

Stopping any part of the Billies offense will be key for a win this year and this might be the season Canyon Lake could move up the ladder when the season is over with a higher seed going into the playoffs.

Fredericksburg was a victim to Wimberley as was the Hawks and Greyhounds. The Billies had two touchdowns in the 4th quarter but started to late to get the win losing, 24-19.

There were 47 more rushing yards by Freddie than CL had against Wimberley and a contest that was within a TD of being won.

Hawk Proud

                   Hawk Proud

Lampasas did beat Fredericksburg for their first game and the Hawks were able to win their game with the Badgers, so with those two common opponents, Canyon Lake, would ‘on paper’ have the upper hand but that is why the play the games.

Some good offensive teams in district and having Boerne being good defensively will give them an upper hand going through their District 14-4A schedule.

Plus having a more accomplished passing game will help the Greyhounds as CL will have to apply pressure on their quarterback while having the defensive backs stepping up their game.

Good Luck and Go Hawks!!