Game Article, Volleyball | October 16, 2016

Hawk Volleyball: Freshman Game/Standings/Schedules/Musings

CL Freshman Volleyball Team has Sights on District 28-4A Championship

                                             CL Freshman Volleyball Team has Sights on District 28-4A Championship

                        Volleyball Standings/Freshman Game/Schedule
       Season                              District 28-4A
       Team             W   L    Pct       Team            W   L    Pct    GB
       CL Hawks        24  11   .686       Fredericksburg  6   0  1.000    —
       Fredericksburg  24  18   .571       CL Hawks        5   1   .833    1.0
       Bandera         21  16   .568       Bandera         4   3   .571    2.5
       Boerne          20  18   .526       Boerne          1   5   .167    5.0
       Hondo           12  23   .343       Hondo           0   7   .000    6.5

                                  This Week’s Games:
      Tuesday October 18th        CL Hawks         3      Hondo      0
                                  Fredericksburg   3      Bandera    2
                                  Boerne                  Bye

      Friday  October 21st        CL Hawks         @      Fredericksburg
                                  Hondo            @      Boerne
                                  Bandera                 Bye

                                  Last Friday’s Results:
                                  CL Hawks         3      Boerne       0
                                  Bandera          3      Hondo        0
                                  Fredericksburg          Bye


                             CL Hawk Freshman Have Sights on District Championship 

Kayla Wunderlich will have more B-Day presents this year

Kayla Wunderlich will have more B-Day presents this year.

Canyon Lake’s Freshman team is undefeated going into their final 3 games after a sweep of Boerne this past Friday.

This Hawk team has had a way of keeping fans on the edge of their seat throughout this year’s games. Even with a sweep this was another game that had some ups and downs but a resilient CL team has been very successful this season.

In Canyon Lake’s last game with Boerne, the game was so tight that the Coaches had already decided how many points a set would go in order to have the game ending before the Varsity game.

Yes, these two teams played well into the start of the Varsity’s bout two weeks ago in Boerne.

This win over the Greyhounds has placed this Freshman squad in position in winning the District Crown as they take the road this week with games in Hondo and Fredericksburg.

CL has had the ability in coming back no matter the score and once again after winning the first set found themselves fighting back from an early 6 point deficit early in this second set.

That is when the Hawks jettisoned their wrath on the Greyhounds as Kayla Wunderlich had some birthday presents to unwrap at the net.

“I was very happy scoring points for the team and that I was happy with having a birthday for myself,” Wunderlich said with poise.

A, ‘Happy Birthday’, in volleyball lingo is having your opponent returning a ball that comes right over the net for your defensive players having an opportunity of a kill without having the ball set by your own team.

The result would be a hit ball straight down with no chance of a return and point for the good gals in this case.

On how this team has the ability to get so focused and ready for comebacks, “We have to push and we do not want to get too far behind when we make our move,” Wunderlich said in wunder. “We did not want to go three games again and so we just fought for it.”

Canyon Lake has some good times ahead as this freshman squad has continued to improve this season and will look to finish this year’s season on a winning streak and district championship.

“I felt better when we were behind,” Head Freshman Coach Tosha Ridgeway said. “We were terrible in our warm-ups and that is a good sign that we will have a good game.”

Coach Ridgeway was commenting on how you cannot judge this team based how they might look during their warm-up routine before a match starts.

“I think we get all of our mistakes out of the way in the warm-ups and that makes us feel a little more comfortable,” Coach Ridgeway closed.

Closed out is what this Hawk Freshman squad will look for as this week comes to an end with hopefully two more wins and their sights set on a District 28-4A Championship.


Varsity Hawk Musings

Canyon Lake swept Boerne this week and now will see if their preparation of having their road show earlier this year ready for this week’s games.

CL has played the least amount of home games than any other team in this Region and playing on the road via a tournament or just going into the home teams den will come to fruition now as this year is rounding the corner with 3 remaining games.

Canyon Lake has played at home 6 times this year against 7 teams and carry a 3-4 record in those contests. There was 36 days between the first home game in August and their game with Austin Akins in September.

The Hawks are 8-1 for their road games with that one loss coming against Navarro, who is ranked 3rd in the State according to the Texas Girls Coaches Associations Volleyball Poll released last week.

There were also 3 tournaments that had Canyon Lake sporting a 12-4 record with 3 of those losses at the hands of 6A schools.

This week will let you know if that schedule will have this Hawk team ready for the showdown this Friday at Fredericksburg to avenge an earlier loss during the first round that went 5 sets.

Last Friday’s win over Boerne evened the All-Time Record with the Greyhounds at 6 wins. CL swept the Greyhounds but the games had no cake walks, 26-24, 25-22, and 25-21.

“In our first set we started off behind,” Head Coach Kim Paisley recalled. “We battled back and closed it out.”

On what might explain the closeness with a team that now has just one win in District 28-4A?

“We may have had a little homecoming on the brain, but we stayed focused and pushed through to close out each set,” Coach Paisley surmised.

The key word on Coach Paisleys comments above was Homecoming as this article has already indicated that the word ‘home’ is not something this team has had many dates (games) this year.

Go Hawks and Beat Fredericksburg!!