Football, Game Article | October 7, 2016

Mountain Valley 8th A-B, Can’t Get Traction in Loss to Marble Falls

Mountain Valley Hawks 8th A Team listen to Coaches after loss to Mustangs

Mountain Valley Hawks 8th A Team listen to Coaches after loss to Mustangs.

Mountain Valley 8th Grade Football Squads continued their rough and tough schedule as a 5A Marble Falls team came to the Hawk Nest to battle the Hawks.

The Mustangs brought a stout defense for both games keeping MV out of their end zone for the evening.

MV Hawk B team did score but had that momentum sail flap in the wind as the play was nullified with an infraction on the play.

It was a self destruct evening for the ‘B’ team as they used their first drive for 18 plays and after reaching the Mustangs 8 yard line the next 3 plays went backwards dousing the Hawk drive.

With a 4th and goal from the 22 yard line, Matthew Taliaferro caught a pass and ran the field like a pinball machine as he had to score on the play.

Matthew Taliaferro receiver for MV Hawks

Matthew Taliaferro receiver for MV Hawks

Taliaferro had two receptions for the game that just missed on the first catch but the second did convert a first down deep into the Mustangs territory.

“I just want our team to go through games strong and if we win or lose play hard,” Taliaferro started.

When commenting on his second catch, Taliaferro was quick with his response, “I decided to jump and then reached out and caught the ball….I did not know I was going to catch it and was surprised when I caught it.”

Taliaferro is a tall drink of water and at 6’2 you would know who this young man by just surveying the players. It seemed like every Mustang player was around the ball when the catch was made.

But on that first catch, Taliaferro just missed a touchdown and that was when Marble Falls would have a one play drive that would be 60% of their total yardage for the game.

MF took that first play for 95 yards down the far sideline for what would be there only score for the evening. Mountain Valley’s defense matched the Mustangs for the rest this contest.

Without that one run, Marble Falls would have accumulated just 69 yards of offense and that on any day would add up to a win.

Alayna-Gayle is MVMS Proud and says Go Hawks!

Alayna-Gayle is MVMS Proud and says Go Hawks!

Having something go wrong on each drive was the order for the day as that first drive was not the only time a hazard play appeared during a Hawk march.

Mountain Valley had an 11 play drive on their next ball possession and after reaching MF’s 15 yard line the Hawks were not allowed a first down by inches. There was a penalty that set of downs giving the Hawks 15 yards to gain another first and possible score but those inches added up to a loss of downs.

MV had their next drive stopped by 15 yard penalty which would be way more familiar than the Coaches and Hawks wanted to continue.

Braden Jowers was a workhorse throughout the game as this young man had his numbered called 30 times on the night for a solid 153 yards.

“In the fourth quarter my adrenaline kicked in,” Jowers said when asked if he got gassed on the field with all those carries. “I hope we get better as a team and get our plays down.”

“We have a lot of new people to join our team but we can just keep it there and continue to build, then that will help us as a team in general.”

Braden Jowers totaled 153 yards in game with Marble Falls

Braden Jowers totaled 153 yards in game with Marble Falls

The game was well within the Hawks grasp as a great defensive stop to start the 4th quarter allowed one more chance to score.

Taking over on MF’s 13 yard line, Mountain Valley marched down the field to the Mustangs 16 yard line where time finally helped put a stop on their final chance to score as a pass was just short in ending the game.

This was another drive that had a large number of snaps as the Hawks finished with 18 plays and a respectable 71 yards of real estate as the final buzzer sounded. It was an ending to a very winnable game.

This Hawk team will certainly rise to the challenge for their next game.

Go Hawks!!

                       1  2  3  4  Final
 Marble Falls          0  6  0  0  6
 Mountain Valley 8B    0  0  0  0  0
 Scoring Summary:
 MF-Josue Guevara 95 yard (run failed), 3:47, 2nd

 Game Stats        Mustangs     Hawks
 Total Yards       164          227
 First Downs       3            14
 Rush/Yards        8/164        41/192
 Comp/Att/Int      0/1/0        2/7/1
 Passing Yards     0            35
 Punts/Average     0/0          0/0
 Fumbles/Lost      1/1          0/0
 Penalties-Yards   4/37         6-45

 Passing           Comp  Att  Pct   Yards  Int  TD
 Reef Malish       2     7   .288   35     1    0

 Rushing           Att   Yds  Ave   Lg  TD
 Braden Jowers     30    153  5.1   18  0
 Javier Soto        7     48  6.9   15  0
 Baylor Vickers     2      1  0.5    1  0
 Jake Peters        1      1  1.0    1  0
 Reef Malish        1     -5   —     —  —
 Jakob Kellerman    1     -6   —     —  —

 Receiving          No   Yds   Ave   Lg  TD
 Matthew Taliaferro  2   35   17.5   18  0



Mountain Valley 8A team could not find traction in their loss to Marble Falling short, 19-0.

“Both games were real tough defensively,” Head Coach Brandon Pawelek stated. “We played tough but they made some big plays and we had just too many mental mistakes.”

Go Hawks!!

                Go MVMS Hawks!!

Coach Pawelek was commenting on both of the Hawk games against Marble Falls on this night.

That first quarter was a back and forth affair for both offenses with no scoring as defense was the dominating factor at the start of the game.

On the Hawks best drive, Mountain Valley started on Marble Falls 20 yard line with 6 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter. The Hawks had 11 plays and 50 yards as the Mustangs shot the gaps and got to #12 before he could get the handoff off. (say that 3 times real fast)

MF’s next play went for 65 yards as Andrew Rodriguez out jumped the Hawk defender for the ball and raced to the end zone and first score.

Hawk  Proud

            MVMS Hawk Proud

The second half started much like the start of the game as both teams played field position by punting back and forth.

Then the Mustangs started with a trot and ended up running into the end zone when Taeven Brown scored from 20 yards out and getting that much needed two touchdown lead.

Mountain Valley still had problems getting traction offensively but played a much larger school well based on where this Hawk team started their season.

Good game and with some traction next week a win will be attainable.

Go Hawks!!

                       1  2  3  4  Final
 Marble Falls          0  6  6  7  19
 Mountain Valley 8A    0  0  0  0  00
 Scoring Summary:
 MF-Andrew Rodriquez 65 yard pass (run failed), 1:13, 2nd
 MF-Taeven Brown 20 yard run (run failed), 2:09, 3rd
 MF-Taeven Brown 4 yard run (Rodriguez kick), 2:16, 4th

 Game Stats          Mustangs     Hawks
 Total Yards         199          91
 First Downs         8            7
 Rush/Yards          22/101       28/56
 Comp/Att/Int        7/15/0       3/7/0
 Passing Yards       98           35
 Punts/Average       2/15.5       3/24.0
 Fumbles/Lost        0/0          1/0
 Penalties           2-31         3-12

 Passing             Comp  Att  Pct  Yds  Int  TD
 Peyton McMullen     3     7   .429  35   0    0

 Rushing             Att  Yds   Ave  Lg   TD
 Derek Wiatrek       11    42   3.8  11   0
 Ryan Rivali          6    27   4.5  17   0
 Noah Dumenil         5     8   1.6   4   0
 Peyton McMullen      6   -21    —    —   —

 Receiving           No   Yds   Ave  Lg   TD
 Ryan Rivali         2     28  14.0  15   0
 Tuff Cantu          1      7   7.0  7   0