Football, Pre/Game | October 17, 2016

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Fredericksburg

Tanner Faris gains 205 yards rushing in Boerne game.

Tanner Faris gains 205 yards rushing in Boerne game.               (mjrphotog.com)

           Pre/Game:      Canyon Lake     @     Fredericksburg         Friday, October 21 7:30pm
                          Hawks (6-2)           Billies (3-4)

                          Canyon Lake leads the All Time Series, 6-2.
                          2008   Hawks  14    Billies   65
                          2009   Hawks  14    Billies   07
                          2010   Hawks  35    Billies   20
                          2011   Hawks  35    Billies   07
                          2012   Hawks  27    Billies   17
                          2013   Hawks  14    Billies   38
                          2014   Hawks  49    Billies   31
                          2015   Hawks  17    Billies   06

                                  This Year’s Results
              Hawks   40   Blanco        07        Billies   12   Lampasas       33
              Hawks   42   Austin Reagan 16        Billies   49   Austin Travis  21
              Hawks   21   Giddings      34        Billies   21   Burnet         47
              Hawks   21   Wimberley     31        Billies   48   Lytle          20
              Hawks   42   Lampasas      34        Billies   19   Wimberley      24
              Hawks   42   Austin Akins  20        Billies   33   Hondo          24
              Hawks   63   Aus Eastside  00        Billies   14   Boerne         45
              Hawks   41   Boerne        38

The 3rd District 14-4A game will be unveiled in Fredericksburg for Canyon Lake this Friday as the Hawks will have a chance of getting several firsts with a win.

Patriot Propane is All In for Canyon Lake

Patriot Propane is All In for Hawks

How about having 3 district wins and a guarantee that they will not finish with a 4th place seed in the playoffs.

Fredericksburg is one school that CL seems to have figured out with a 6-2 record with that first loss happening in the Hawks inaugural campaign.

This season has 3 schools that have played both teams and that will be our starting point for this article.

Lampasas and Boerne won their games against the Billies while CL claimed victories over those two teams.

The best game to go by has to come from Boerne, as that contest has been recent for both schools. If CL can play another game like last week’s game with the Greyhounds then this would go down as a win.

In Fredericksburg’s game with Boerne, the Billies started the game with 3 turnovers which had the Greyhounds racing around the track before Fredericksburg could get out of their blocks for the race.

Would Boerne still won the game? Yes, but the point is a simple one….you cannot take any opponent lightly or a loss will be a hard pill to swallow. The Billies will be another pass happy team and they have a very good receiver in Johnny Cleland.

Go Canyon Lake

   Go Canyon Lake

Cleland is QB Will Flannery’s favorite target with 49 receptions for 625 yards and 7 touchdowns. Neil Loth has 11 catches for 112 yards, but stopping Cleland would be the Hawks first priority in getting the Billies in a punting formation.

Loth leads Fredericksburg in rushing with 444 yards and 5 touchdowns and CL has shown in recent games that they have had the ability to clamp down on their opponents running game. Getting pressure on the quarterback was evident in the Boerne game last week and repeating that feat would help in getting a ‘W’.

Fredericksburg will also use another QB in Riggs Threadgill who has 43 completions for a 12 yards per reception ratio. Threadgill or Flannery will both put the ball in the air so another game where the defensive backs will be counted on by the Hawk’s defense will be magnified.

The Billies give up 174 rushing yards per game and average about the same amount of yards for their passing offense.

Canyon Lake continues to use their 3 backs of Tanner Faris, Austin Brennan, and Micah St. John, as all three are within 40 yards of each other and they have combine for 27 rushing touchdowns.

QB Ben Fulton has not been called upon for much passing in recent games as this vaunted running attack has been churning out some explosive plays averaging over 440 yards in their last 3 games.

Lakeside Dog Grooming Says Go Hawks!!

Lakeside Dog Grooming Says         Go Hawks!!

When Fulton does go back for a pass, the element of surprise is certainly evident as opponents have committed more interference calls than any season including those early Hawk passing teams.

So that CL passing game will not be used often but when it is displayed then something will happen positive by penalty or a long yardage reception.

Who do you stop? Boerne had a tough time trying to find the running back with the ball last week and having that weapon will make even the best rushing defense look bad. Boerne had not given up more than 255 yards on the ground and that was just once, as 6 of their other opponents were lucky to reach the 100 yard barrier.

Canyon Lake had two backs with over 100 yards and each one was well over 6 yards per carry. That will result in explosive plays and first downs. A lethal combination for Canyon Lake this year.

Forcing turnovers and getting stops will be the most important aspect for this week’s game. If the defense can give the Hawk offense a chance to run up and down the field then it might be a long night for Freddie.

Go Hawks & Beat Fredericksburg!!