Football, Pre/Game | October 11, 2016

Pre/Game: SA The Winston vs. Bracken Christian

Go Bracken Warriors

             Go Bracken Warriors

            Pre/Game:   SA The Winston     vs.       Bracken Christian        7:30pm
                          Eagles (5-1)                 Warriors (6-0)

              Series Record: The Warriors leads this series 8-0.
                             2008 BCS 46 Eagles 00
                             2009 BCS 74 Eagles 14
                             2010 BCS 65 Eagles 20
                             2011 BCS 54 Eagles 00
                             2012 BCS 53 Eagles 08
                             2013 BCS 46 Eagles 00
                             2014 BCS 49 Eagles 00
                             2015 BCS 30 Eagles 14

                                      This Year’s Games.
             BCS   36   Bastrop        14         SAW   28   Castle Hills    56
             BCS   86   Nueces Canyon  41         SAW   72   Kerrville OLH   27
             BCS   52   Medina         06         SAW   47   SA Lutheran     00
             BCS   38   Giddings State 32         SAW   60   SA Monte Vista  00
             BCS   70   SA Lutheran    25         SAW   54   Victoria Home   07
             BCS   40   SA Atonement   00         SAW   68   SA Sunnybrook   33


Rebecca Creek Golf, says Go Warriors!

      Rebecca Creek Golf, says                    Go Warriors Beat the Eagles!

Bracken Christian has totaled 92 wins since play started in 2006 and The Winston is responsible for 8 of those victories as the Warriors have more wins with the Eagles than any other school.

BCS has played two schools more than Winston as Austin Hill Country (7-4) and Kerrville OLH (7-2) hold those games and records with Bracken.

Looking at the games played this year you will find just one game that each school has gone to battle with and another tidbit to take in would be The Winston going into this game with their best record ever in the series.

SA Lutheran was the common opponent and Lutheran was handled by both schools via the Mercy rule.

Something more to take to note is Lutheran being shut out by Winston and then scoring 25 points on the Warriors.

Bottom line is a Winston school that will not be a pushover with last year and this campaign having a formidable opponent.

Junior Dylan Luna #30 will be a player for Bracken to keep their eye on as this young man has scored the most points with the most yardage. Luna gets the ball after the snap and will run or pass with his running being the most lethal.

Containment will be imperative for Bracken’s defense as stopping Luna would be the way of stopping the Eagles.

Alejandro Vasquez (#7) will be another outlet for the Eagles with the second most rushing yardage for this season.

The go to guy for receptions will be #10 Anthony Beres and his hands will help on defense as he plays cornerback for the Eagles.

Go Warriors

      Go Warriors

Bracken will counter with a tight offense that has had success in wearing down teams as the contest gets long in the tooth.

Presley Day and Lucas McCrum combine for bruising and speed runs with QB Brady Beene continuing to have one of his best passing seasons.

Defensively, Reese Smith has 2 interceptions in his last two games and the emergence of Paul Nakalanga playing against spread offenses has this player with a knack of hassling his opponent.

Watching that part of the game develop on this night will be key in seeing if Winston’s Luna will be minimized. That would help the Warriors in reaching their 7-0 record while preparing for district play.

Winston will run plays for their point afters attempts and Bracken will use Nakalanga’s two point afters and that could help supply the separation needed to seal the deal.

Go Warriors!!