This Week @ Canyon Lake

Trenton Lorett has been a welcome surprise in the kicking game this season

Trenton Lorett has been a welcome surprise in the kicking game this season.   (photo by Karen Holmes)

                       This Week      @     Canyon Lake

Tuesday  Oct. 4    Fredericksburg     @     CL Hawks Fresh.    5pm     Volleyball
                   Fredericksburg JV  @     CL Hawks JV        5pm     Volleyball
                   Fredericksburg     @     CL Hawks Varsity   6pm     Volleyball

Thursday Oct. 6    CL Hawks           @     Fredericksburg     4pm     Tennis
                   CL Hawks Freshman  @     Liberty Hill       7pm     Football
                   CL Hawks JV        @     Game Cancelled     7pm     Football

Friday   Oct. 7    CL Hawks Freshman  @     Bandera            5pm     Volleyball
                   CL Hawks JV        @     Bandera            5pm     Volleyball
                   CL Hawks Varsity   @     Bandera            7pm     Volleyball
                  *CL Hawks Varsity   @     Eastside Memorial  7:30pm  Football
                                            Burger Stadium

Saturday  Oct. 8   CL Hawks           @     Bandera              am    Cross Country
                   CL Hawks           @     Hondo               9am    Tennis

*Broadcast on CLB with the K-MAC Network

The Hawks had a good week as the Volleyball team won every game but one when the JV squad was outlasted by Boerne.

Lakeside Dog Grooming Says Go Hawks!!

Lakeside Dog Grooming                  Says Go Hawks!!

Still a chance for a district crown for the JV team and the Freshman and Varsity came out of last week unscathed.

This week a home game with Fredericksburg will be leave one team with an undefeated district record. CL will need to have all hands on deck as the Billies have have dominated much like Wimberley had since the school started.

Now CL has a 3 game winning streak over Wimberley and with a win on Tuesday this Hawk team will be up to two game streak.

Last week, the Hawk football teams, had a good outcome in playing a 6A school as each contest had an opponent with many more players and hold their own was impressive.

Go Hawks

              Go Hawks

Way to go Varsity in getting a dominating win over Austin Akins. CL will have their 3rd game against an Austin foe and this game will start district competition.

The Hawks will be working on having a better district record as that will help in getting a lower seed from one of the best district’s in the State.

La Vega, last year’s champion, and China Spring are both in the top 10 while Liberty Hill and Burnet have both been impressive this season.

The Junior Varsity and Varsity will be traveling to Austin and a (5-1) Freshman team is heading to Liberty Hill for their big game.

The Club at Rebecca Creek says Hit them Straight

The Club at Rebecca Creek says    Hit them Straight

Don’t forget that Canyon Lake Broadcasting will have the Junior Varsity and Varsity games this week.

Tennis will be getting close to the end of their season with a Thursday and Saturday competition in Hondo and Fredericksburg.

Cross Country is also winding down their season with a meet in Bandera where they will be the next week for District. This will be a good indicator for seeing if these Hawk runners will be able to continue their quest for bettering their personal best times.

Go Hawks!!