Game Article, Volleyball | October 22, 2016

Volleyball: CL Hawks Swept by Billies, 3-0

Sam York getting Dig in Fredericksburg game

Sam York getting Dig in Fredericksburg game.                                                     (photo by Karen Holmes)

The Battlin’ Billies lived up to their name last night when the Lady Hawks flew into town by clearing the court of feathers in three straight games, 25-20, 25-21, 25-11.

The Hawks could not seem to move the score ahead of the Billies and played each game from behind. At one point in the second game they went ahead by one point off and on, which gave hope that they might pull out a win. However, a win was just not meant to be.

Individually, Paige Bower, and Anna Bettersworth had good games at the net, blocking the Billies’ spikes and stuffing them back down over the net. Their spiking power was nothing to be laughed at either, but it was not enough to take the hawks into the lead. Of course those spikes don’t happen without good sets and Regan Mickey played her position well backed up by Faith Hasness. Landry Hollums and Alysha Perez also placed spikes in the right places, however the Billies always answered more powerfully to take the serve back.

Though the Hawks are still in the playoffs, a win against Fredericksburg would have been a feather in their cap being that they have only beaten them once in the history of CLHS’s volleyball career. Next time ladies… next time.

            CL Stat Leaders:
            Kills:   Anna Bettersworth     8
            Assists: Regan Mickey         14
            Digs:    Sam York             16
            Aces:    Daniella Bustamante   1
            Blocks:  Paige Bower           3