Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 28, 2016

Volleyball: Coaches Corner with Kimberley Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: In comparison to the last 2 playoff teams, what is it about this team that gives you an idea of how they will approach the tournament?

Coach Paisley: “The Varsity teams from the last 2 years, were made of some astounding athletes with raw talent! They worked hard and were fighters! This year’s team is made of determined and relentless athletes, therefore I know they will fight until the end. I’m excited to see where this team takes us in the postseason!”

The ReSporter: How important was it to have a convincing win against Bandera?

Coach Paisley: “After the loss to Fredericksburg, we had a discussion about “Doing Your Job” and “What is your job?” This conversation combined with a great practice lead us to a win over Bandera and set the tone. This momentum from the match and ending district in 2nd place will launch us positively into the playoffs.”

The ReSporter: In the Bandera game, I noticed, that the serves seemed more intense (if that makes sense). How important is it to have those hard serves?

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes supports      Hawk Volleyball

Coach Paisley: “Our serving can be a force to be reckon with. We rely on our serving to get our opponents out of system, which throws their offense out of sync.”

The ReSporter: That second match in playoffs has been a downer the last two years, what will you do in trying to help this team clear that hurdle?

Coach Paisley: “Instead of focusing on the 2nd round, we will take one match at a time. We cannot treat any match differently, they are equally important. All matches count and we will approach them in that respect.”

The ReSporter: Could you give us some short or long snippets about your Senior Class?

Coach Paisley: “When I arrived 4 years ago, these young ladies were freshman. They are my first group of seniors to have all 4 years in my program. I am very proud to have watched them grow as players, teammates, and leaders.”