Game Article, Volleyball | October 2, 2016

Volleyball: Hawks Prove Mightier Raptor to Owls

Sophomore Paige Bower getting her point across

Sophomore Paige Bower getting her point across.                           (photo by Karen Holmes)

By Karen Holmes

Jellystone Park says Go Hawks

  Jellystone Park says Go Hawks

The varsity volleyball game against Hondo, Friday night, gave Coach Kimberley Paisley the chance to utilize her bench and try new strategies and player positions. The Lady Hawks swept the Owls in three-game match, winning with scores of 25-7, 25-8 and 25-19.

In the first game Coach Paisley started her team as she always does, but quickly began to change things up allowing her players to take on different positions on the court to strengthen her chances against tougher teams. Hondo was unable to stand against the mental  toughness of the Hawks as they continued to place the ball in all the right places to score and that score quickly rose to 10-3. Paige Bower was a force to reckoned with at the net. If the ball hung at the top of the net, Paige was there to cram it into the Owls’ open court.

The second game was a repeat of the first except the fans were treated to seeing players from the bench take command of the court in the middle of the game. One of those players was Zoe Edwards, who came into the game meaning business. She quickly added three points to the score with 2 unreturned spikes and strategic tip into an undefended part of Hondo’s court.

Hawk  Proud

                   Hawk Proud

“I just didn’t think about it,” Edwards said about her entrance into the game. “I just went in there and did it. We had a good pre-game warm up and winning against Boerne got us going for this game.”

In the third game, Amber Voigt wore the libero’s shirt and Sam York played as an outside, back-row hitter. Faith Hasness became a setter and Regan Mickey took on an outside hitter’s position. If you had not been following the Lady Hawks, you would never have known that these girls were in positions they had never played before. Though this score was much tighter than games one and two, it was no reflection on the lack of ability of the Hawks, but rather a rally by Hondo who had a number of blocks and a few well-placed tips and spikes.

“Now we just want to beat them (other teams) as fast we can and keep our undefeated title,” Edwards said.

 CL wins 25-7, 25-8, 25-19
 Game Leaders
 Kills:   Faith Hasness     10
 Assists: Regan Mickey      17
 Digs:    Regan Mickey      10
 Aces:    Faith Hasness      6
 Blocks:  Anna Bettersworth  3