Standings, Volleyball | October 24, 2016

Volleyball: Standings/Results/& Musings

Senior Regan Mickey wants a win for her last home game as a Hawk

Senior Regan Mickey wants a win for her last home game as a Hawk                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

        Season           W   L    Pct       District         W   L    Pct   GB
        CL Hawks        25  12   .676       Fredericksburg   8   0  1.000   ==
        Fredericksburg  24  18   .571       CL Hawks         6   2   .667  2.0
        Bandera         21  17   .553       Bandera          4   4   .500  4.0
        Boerne          21  19   .525       Boerne           2   6   .333  6.0
        Hondo           12  24   .333       Hondo            0   8   .000  8.0

                                Last Friday’s Games
                     Fredericksburg   3    CL Hawks     0
                     Boerne           3    Hondo        0
                     Bandera               Bye

                                  Tuesday Games
                     CL Hawks         3    Bandera      0
                     Fredericksburg   3    Boerne       0
                     Hondo                 Bye


Here’s the skinny for this year’s Hawk Volleyball team. Last year’s team was good and put CL Volleyball on the map in more ways than one.

Hancock Mini-Mart Says Go Hawks

Hancock Mini-Mart Says Go Hawks

Last year’s team had CL’s first victories over Wimberley and Fredericksburg on their way to the most wins. While taking the School’s first District Team Championship in any sport.

With that came a ton of expectations for this season’s Hawk team to carry on and keep up that same type of motif.

After last Friday’s loss to Fredericksburg the huge let down was only a by product of what the fans and team was thinking would or could be more.

Two things to take from that loss was this season is not over and a loss like that in previous year’s would have been expected. CL’s Volleyball club has raised expectations which is a great place to be as a Hawk fan.

Go Hawks!! Beat Bandera

Go Hawks!!        Beat Bandera

The Freshman Team won District already and this year’s JV team was competitive and hung in with and played well enough to be in all of their contests.

Simply put, there is a lot more to do this year and the future is brighter than ever as Volleyball has been having a healthy growth spurt.

On Tuesday, Bandera will be calling and time for CL’s fans to come and see the last home game for this year.

Go Hawks and Beat the Bulldogs!!