Volleyball | October 28, 2016

Volleyball’s Hawks Top 4 and Playoff Information

Anna Bettersworth and Faith Hasness going for a Block

Anna Bettersworth and Faith Hasness going for a Block (photo by Karen Holmes)


The ReSporter has secured the final District 28-4A stats for this season and would like to give the Hawk Nation some information for the upcoming Playoff news.

Wimberley will be the opponent and the game will have the first serve starting at 7:00pm on November 1st at Johnson City High School gym. So this is the time to have all hands on deck as the Lady Hawks will need all the support available for this contest.

Playing against Wimberley will be a chore as this school’s middle name is ‘Playoff’, as Canyon Lake will attempt to knock the Texans from the playoff roster in the first game which has not happened to Wimberley since the last century. It is not known the date but this club was winning State Championships in the late 1990’s.

A tall order but with a win already under their belt in games this season with the Texans, it can be said that this Hawk team will be ready for this battle.

Alternative Pest Control says Go Hawks

Alternative Pest Control says          Go Hawks

It Canyon Lake wins their first round game with the Texans then their next contest would be with the District 26 and 25 winner. That game has District 26’s first seed against District 25’s 4th seed.

Next week on Tuesday 1st, will be a fun time for the Hawk Nation as we fill the seats in the Johnson City High School gym with the first serve commencing at 7:00pm.

The game will be Broadcast on Canyon Lake Broadcasting, K-Mac Sports website.

Go Hawks & Beat the Texans!!

                      Volleyball’s District Top 4
 Kills                     Sets                   Digs
 Anna Bettersworth    29   Regan Mickey     243   Sam York         57
 Faith Hasness        27   Faith Hasness     64   Faith Hasness    38
 Alysha Perez         20   Sam York          20   Regan Mickey     26
 Paige Bower          17   Amber Voigt       11   Amber Voigt      15

 Blocks Solo               Blocks Assisted        Total Blocks
 Paige Bower           9   Paige Bower         5  Paige Bower      10
 Anna Bettersworth     4   Landry Hollums      1  Anna Bettersworth 4
 Alysha Perez          1   Alysha Perez        1  Alysha Perez      2
 Faith Hasness         1   Felicity Niestemski 1  Faith Hasness     2
 Faith Hasness         1   Regan Mickey        1

                           Hanna White         7
                           Faith Hasness       4
                           Sam York            4
                           Anna Bettersworth   4