Game Article, Girls Basketball | November 21, 2016

CL Hawks Have Leftovers in Reducing Turnovers in Win Over Somerset, 50-37

Junior Reagan Heun scores 27 points in win over Somerset

                          Junior Reagan Heun scores 27 points in win over Somerset

Canyon Lake came out of their tough week-end tournament and dominated Somerset Bulldogs with a convincing 14 point advantage in the 3rd quarter in coasting to even their record winning, 50-37.

Regan Heun scored 27 points in this contest as the Hawks needed to run their air conditioner on the bus on the ride home to help cool off the team.

There is something about Somerset that has Reagan’s Sun Rising as she scored 26 points during her freshman year and now has an all time scoring high by one point.

Ashley Pfaff presently has the 2 best scoring games in Hawk History.

              Ashley Pfaff       35       Wimberley
              Ashley Pfaff       28       Fredericksburg
              Reagan Heun        27       Somerset
              Reagan Heun        26       Somerset
              Ashley Pfaff       25       Ingram
              Reagan Heun        25       Medina Valley

“Reagan (Heun) was on fire,” Head Coach Zach Burleson said with a fire hose. “She hit seven 3’s. She is a terrific shooter and these outbursts are not surprising at all.”

Go Hawks

                       Go Hawks

Those 7, three pointers was one more than Heun had scored in her first 7 games as those 27 points in this game was bested by10 points by the opposition.

The Hawks have had a hard time fielding a full team so far this season as Alexa Ramos missed this game that had CL bringing up their 3rd freshman player, Lainee Moses, to help give the guard play some relief.

Those 3 freshman were led by Chelsea Tschoepe scoring 12 points with each passing game having these young players building on their skills as the Hawks prepare for district play.

These freshman had a decent line, combining for 17 points and 11 rebounds. The best stat for the younger players was committing a combined 4 turnovers in this win.

North Shore says Go Hawks

     North Shore says Go Hawks

“Chelsea (Tschoepe) is really starting to blossom,” Coach Burleson said. “She has started the last 3 games, due to Mia’s (Riali) injury at the tournament. Chelsea is improving at a rapid rate and I couldn’t be more pleased. Big things in the future are coming.”

A Coach that sounds pretty encouraged as this season continues to mature. But as most coaches will do, is finding places that still need to be improved on.

“We did shoot 7 for 17 from the free throw line today,” Coach said with charity. “So that needs to be better.”

Having the freshman handling the ball and with a low amount of turnovers allowed the Hawks committing one of their lowest amounts for this campaign with 15 in this contest.

Canyon Lake has averaged 27 turnovers per game going into this game with the Bulldogs and that reduction played a key roll in this victory.

Hawk Proud

                    Hawk Proud

“Our turnovers were at a manageable 15 and we really still left some points off the board,” Coach commented. “This was a good team effort. We got some defensive assignments that were executed from Sarah Russell and Tschoepe. Somerset had a player that killed us in the first half with 18 points. We held her to 1 point in the second half and we were pleased with that.”

Those in game adjustments lends to that learning curve that is needed to be seen as this part of the season is all in for preparing for district play starting in the New Year.

That defensive play mentioned by Coach Burleson was a key part of this game as that 3rd quarter had a 15-1 advantage by the Hawks that totaled a 42-23 lead heading into the last stanza.

Canyon Lake will be off to Lampasas for their next game in 8 days as the Thanksgiving break will hopefully yield some leftovers as they start their game with the Badgers.

Go Hawks!!

                  1   2   3   4   Final
 CL Hawks (4-4)  17  10  15   8   50
 Somerset         7  15   1  14   37

                            3pt           tot  rebounds   
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts  or-dr tot  a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst       0-1      0-0    0-1    0    1-1   2   0  1  0  2
 Mia Riali          1-2      0-0    0-1    2    0-1   1   1  5  0  2
 Lainee Moses       1-2      0-0    0-2    2    0-2   2   0  0  0  2
 Chelsea Tschoepe   5-13     0-4    2-3   12    1-5   6   0  2  0  1
 Emily McDonald     0-2      0-1    0-3    0    1-2   3   1  1  0  1
 Char Hutson        1-1      0-0    0-0    2    1-3   4   0  0  0  2
 Sarah Russell      1-4      0-1    0-0    2    0-1   1   2  3  1  0
 Reagan Heun        8-14     7-9    4-6   27    0-4   4   0  4  0  4
 Jessie Melendez    1-4      0-0    1-2    3    0-3   3   0  0  1  1
 totals            17-42     7-15   7-18  50    4-22 26   4 16  2 15
 percentages        40%      47%     39%