Boys Basketball, Game Article | November 22, 2016

CL Hawks Varsity Feast on Yellowjackets, 72-35

Parker Mott and Charlie McIntosh ready to run their offense in win over Llano

Parker Mott and Charlie McIntosh ready to run their offense in win over Llano (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake made turkey out of Yellowjackets in feast over Llano, 72-35 at the Hawk Nest on Tuesday.

The Hawks had an early game scheduled as the students had been released for Thanksgiving Holidays and CL released some major hurt on Llano as the first quarter 17 point advantage would only be increased during the next 3 quarters as the offense and defense played sharp games.

“We executed well,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman started. “This game scared me because we were playing in the morning and it was right before a holiday.”

Many times a coach has no idea of how their team will perform when you have so many distractions like mentioned above.

Dave's Dirtworks says Go Hawks Basketball

Dave’s Dirtworks says Go Hawks Basketball

“We came out and played and we talked during halftime that we wanted to keep stretching the lead,” Coach Chapman said like a technician. “We had stretches when we played sloppy but whenever we needed to make plays we did.”

Joseph Boyd led the Hawks with 19 points followed by Seniors Bennie Brownlee (16) and Rory Preiss (12) in this runaway victory.

Every Hawk played and contributed to the onslaught as all but two players scored and those two students, Caimen McDonough and Parker Mott had 7 rebounds with McDonough or 4 steals with Mott.

Defensively, CL had the police in attendance as they were busy interrogating the Hawks as they ended this contest with 22 steals.

Good ball movement was evident in the game with 16 assists as Gerrit Wilkins and Preiss finished with 4 each in that department.

Llano did not get a field goal until there was less than 30 seconds in that first quarter of play. Conversely, Canyon Lake, started this affair with 7 points in the first 2 minutes with Boyd scoring twice early and Heath McDonough on a good feed from Wilkins started the scoring.

The Hawks had 5 assists in that first quarter and by distributing the ball the Yellowjackets could not keep up with the speed in this contest.

Boyd had 17 points in that first half as his jump shot set up his drives to the basket in what seemed like an effortless offensive showing.

Hawks Flying Higher in win over Llano

Hawks Flying Higher in win over Llano

“We knew we needed to come out focused and we wanted to win,” Boyd said. “We watched film and we knew they would be late in coming over to defend me.”

Boyd’s response was how he took advantage of Llano’s defense, which allowed a smooth drive to the basket for many of his points.

Canyon Lake continued the assault with a 19 point second quarter as most of the points during this session came from the charity stripe. The Hawks scored 10 points from the line giving Llano no chance of staging a comeback.

Go Hawks Basketball

              Go Hawks Basketball

CL had a 40-12 lead late in that 2nd quarter as Llano could muster just one run of 4 unanswered points before halftime as every other Yellowjacket score was matched or more points by the Hawks.

Canyon Lake will be home on November 29th when Somerset will visit the hill country and then their first tournament in Marion the first part of December.

Now the Hawks will feast on some turkey as these Yellowjackets left this CL team hungry for more.

The Hawks have an impressive team as this Senior class will attempt to show how they can keep improving their record and preparation for the tournament that will have more riding on it at the end of the season.

Go Hawks!!

            1   2   3   4   Final
 Llano      6  10  10   9   35
 CL Hawks  23  19  15  15   72

 name              fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Bennie Brownlee     5-8     2-4     4-5   16   0-1   1  1  4  0  2
 Gerrit Wilkins      1-7     0-3     0-2    2   0-0   0  4  7  0  1
 Ryner Martin        1-5     1-3     0-1    3   0-0   0  2  1  0  1
 Rory Preiss         5-10    0-2     2-2   12   4-1   5  4  1  0  3
 Heath McDonough     2-4     0-0     4-8    8   4-1   5  1  0  1  0
 Caimen McDonough    0-2     0-0     0-0    0   2-5   7  0  1  1  1
 Charlie McIntosh    1-4     1-4     3-8    6   1-5   6  0  1  0  0
 Parker Mott         0-2     0-0     0-0    0   0-3   3  2  4  0  2
 Joseph Boyd         7-10    1-2     4-6   19   3-1   4  1  1  1  3
 Jacob Pistokache    2-5     2-5     0-0    6   1-4   5  1  2  0  6
 totals             24-57    7-23   17-34  72  15-21 36 16 22  3 19 
                     42%     30%     50%