Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball | November 13, 2016

Coaches Corner with Girls Basketball’s Zach Burleson

Head Girl's Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: Well, you had your first week of games….what is your overall feeling bout this years group of girls?

Coach Burleson: “Well we have seen some positive things. We are getting more comfortable with each other and with what we want to do.”

The ReSporter: You have been short handed to start this year’s games, when do you expect to be with a full squad?

Coach Burleson: “It’s always a fluid situation. Lineups will change, not necessarily because someone isn’t playing well, but more due to us just needing to see how a particular group plays together. Injuries will also happen, so we need to be prepared to play with multiple lineups.”

The ReSporter: Give the Hawk Fans an idea of what type of game they will see when they come to the Nest?

Coach Burleson: “Hopefully, once we get accustomed to what we are doing, we will be efficient on both ends. Force other teams to beat us with jump shots and limit their possessions. And our goal is to limit turnovers on offense and attack. We will pull the trigger beyond the arc as well.”

Alayna-Gayle says Go Hawks!

     Alayna-Gayle says Go Hawks!

The ReSporter: Coach MaryBeth Gallagher left you with a good group of athletes how hard was the transition as they changed offense and defense?

Coach Burleson: “Coach Gallagher has done a real good job here. She’s still involved with the girls and even runs the clock/book at our home games. We do some similar things. Some things will be different. The transition has been smooth, probably due to having Coach Jimmy Chamberlin around. He has done a fantastic job. I don’t think I can express how good he is. After doing this job for awhile, I know how fortunate we are to have him.”

The ReSporter: What are your major goals as you go through the pre/district games? And what are you wanting to see before the for real games start in January?

Coach Burleson: “Get better doing what we do. Play good defense, don’t turn it over, secure rebounds and attack on the offensive end.

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and keep up the good work. Go Hawks!!