Football | November 6, 2016

Football: Did You Know This?

Sophomore Jacob Ruff is one of eight Hawks with 100 or more rushing yards. (mjrphotog.com)

So. Jacob Ruff is one of eight Hawks with 100 or more rushing yards. (mjrphotog.com)

Did You Know This?

Canyon Lake’s loss last Friday against Taylor had situations that if you had told the ReSporter would happen, then a win would have been predicted.

Case in point:

There was not one 4th down conversion tried in the game.

The Hawks have made a conscious effort to continue a drive at all costs. This has happened on multiple situations this campaign. In Friday night’s game there were a few times when a 4th down had a result of a punt (2 times) or a field goal (1 time).

Since that did not come about, then it would tell the you that the offense was working well enough that a conversion was not needed.

Go Hawks Beat the Panthers

    Go Hawks Beat the Panthers

On that same note, CL, converted 75% of their 3rd down plays resulting in having a continuous drive for a score. Nine out of 12 times facing a 3rd down and being good with that high of a percentage tells most prognosticators this game would be a sure victory.

This past season Canyon Lake’s offense reached numbers not seen in their short history in this program.

Right off the bat, averaging 40.1 points per game was a high water mark for this season. On that same page, CL was right over 20 first downs per contest while chewing up real estate right at 441.5 yards per game.

Those are two good indicators on how to have a winning year for any school. The Hawks had a 25 yard average per completed pass for another high water mark this regular season.

Canyon Lake won the turnover battle with 9 interceptions while recovering 8 fumbles. Compare that with having 5 interceptions and losing 5 fumbles for the season giving a net gain of +7 for the good guys.

Italian Garden Says Go Hawks!

   Italian Garden Says Go Hawks!

An average of 26 points were scored during the first half would help this year’s club in getting a lead and win. In two of the Hawk’s losses a decent half-time lead was overcome by the opposition. Giddings and Taylor had those results.

Wimberley was the only contest your Hawks did not have a lead after the first two quarters.

How about having 8 different players finishing the regular season with more than 100 yards rushing.

Go Hawks Beat the Panthers

Go Hawks Beat the Panthers

Tanner Faris and Austin Brennan have broken the 1000 yard barrier while Micah St. John is knocking on the door with 865 steps this campaign.

To top that number off, the Hawks, averaged 7.4 yards everytime a hand off from QB Ben Fulton was completed.

Thanks Hawks for a fun regular season as we anticipate a long run into the playoffs with your next win against Liberty Hill, Go Hawks!!