Sport News, Volleyball | November 7, 2016

Hawk Volleyball’s District Awards & All-Time Stats


CL Hawks JV Squad get ready for their next step. (photo by Karen Holmes)

CL Hawks JV Squad get ready for their next step.                                          (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Volleyball had another banner year with accolades from their District 28-4A foes.

This season, Sam York was voted Defensive MVP for this year’s district contests.

Regan Mickey, Faith Hasness, and Anna Bettersworth were also awarded 1st Team All-District honors.

Another testament to how well this team raised the bar this season to go along with a Hawk Team that has ascended to one of the best.

Congrats and here are the 1st, 2nd, and Honorable Mentions Athletes for this years’ District Awards.

      name                position       class       school            award
      Kelsey Stevens         L           Senior      Fredericksburg    MVP
      Morgan Gross           RS          Senior      Bandera           Offensive MVP
      Sam York               L           Senior      CL Hawks          Defensive MVP
      Landry Moffatt         S           Junior      Fredericksburg    Setter
      Rio Orion              MB          Junior      Bandera           Newcomer

                                 All District 1st Team
      Regan Mickey           S           Senior      CL Hawks
      Faith Hasness          RS/S        Junior      CL Hawks
      Anna Bettersworth      MB          Junior      CL Hawks
      Aubrey Sultemeier      MB          Junior      Fredericksburg
      Jessie Jarreau         OH          Senior      Fredericksburg
      Grace Allen            S           Junior      Fredericksburg
      Peyton Mooney          S/OH        Senior      Bandera
      Keleigh Schmidt        S           Senior      Bandera
      Sara Story             OH/RS       Senior      Boerne
      Emily Smith            MB/S        Senior      Boerne
      Brae Harris            S           Freshman    Hondo

                                All District 2nd Team
      Paige Bower            MB          Sophomore   CL Hawks
      Landry Hollums         OH          Senior      CL Hawks
      Ali Grona              DS          Junior      Fredericksburg
      Made Wahmund           MB          Junior      Fredericksburg
      Lucy Rose              L           Senior      Bandera
      Mattie Morrison        MB          Sophomore   Bandera
      Brook Turner           S/OH        Sophomore   Boerne
      Abby Isenhart          L           Senior      Boerne
      Hannah Jones           OH          Sophomore   Hondo
      Kacie Dupont           MB          Senior      Hondo

                                   Honorable Mention
      Hanna White            DS          Junior      CL Hawks
      Daniella Bustamante    DS          Senior      CL Hawks
      Amber Voigt            DS          Junior      CL Hawks
      Alysha Perez           OH          Junior      CL Hawks


The ReSporter has the top 10 for each statistical category mentioned below.                 We have included the highest ranked Hawks that are returning for the next year.             Those players are also bolded in the Hawk Green.

                        Top 5 All-Time Volleyball Stats
             Kills                                    Aces
             Bailey Drum           1199               Hannah Wunderlich       110
             Addison Farley         808               Regan Mickey            107
             Amber Ramsey           629               Hayley Melone            90
             Regan Mickey           391               Mariah Ellis             83
             Faith Hasness          360               Faith Hasness            80
             Mariah Ellis           259               Sam York                 64
             Tara Clark             223               Hanna White              53
             Alyssa Drum            222               Ashley Biering           44
             Anna Bettersworth      218               Lillie Sander            38   
             Katie Williams         171               Marisa Ellis             35
             Paige Bower            123               Alyssa Drum              34
             Alysha Perez           118               Anna Bettersworth        32   

             Assists                                  Digs
             Regan Mickey          3153               Hayley Melone          1205
             Miki Roberts           780               Sam York                861
             Faith Hasness          747               Bailey Drum             837
             Mariah Ellis           389               Faith Hasness           747
             Hannah Wunderlich      291               Regan Mickey            647
             Sam York               261               Mariah Ellis            610
             Mariah Ellis           114               Addison Farley          357
                                                      Hannah Wunderlich       237
                                                      Alyssa Drum             228
                                                      Kacee Vrana             212
                                                      Hanna White             192
                                                      Amber Voigt             174
             Anna Bettersworth      119
             Bailey Drum             82
             Paige Bower             81
             Alexis Robinson         77
             Regan Mickey            68
             Emma Gray               67
             Lillie Sander           57
             Amber Ramsey            56.5
             Tira Clark              49.5
             Faith Hasness           22