Game Article, Volleyball | November 4, 2016

Hawks Need(ed)ville to Make Mistakes in Loss, 3-0

One of over 2000 sets for Regan Mickey this year

One of 728 sets for Regan Mickey this year.  (photo Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake lost to a worthy opponent in the 2nd round of their Volleyball Area Game in Smithville succumbing to a Needville sweep, 26-28, 16-25 and 18-25.

“We had a few more weak spots than they did,” Head Coach Kimberley Paisley quipped. “They are ranked for a reason….but overall we had a great and wonderful season.”

This sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays left the Hawks with a 26-13 record and some proud players on a good season.

That first set was worth the price of admission as Canyon Lake was on, while having two set points for a chance of a win that just escaped the Hawk’s grasp.

Y4 Custom Homes says Congrats on a Great Season

Y4 Custom Homes says Congrats on a Great Season & Go Hawks!!

There were 10 ties and 4 lead changes in this opening set which had the makings of what might have been a long night of competition.

Junior Alysha Perez helped in bringing the Hawks back from their largest deficit of 3 points down, 12-15. During this rally, Perez had 2 kills and Senior Regan Mickey had one of her patented set-kills during Amber Voigt’s serve.

The Blue Jays were creeping away with the game and this spurt opened the door, helping CL back for a first set win.

Needville built another 3 point advantage, 20-23 lead when Junior Faith Hasness stopped the bleeding with her 3rd kill of the set.

Voigt would be at the serving line again when the Hawks took the lead with a chance for a win.

This rally had Perez with a kill and Sophomore Paige Bower chipping in with 2 blocks and a Happy Birthday kill that gave CL a chance for a win, 25-24.

Canyon Lake Need(ed)Ville to make a mistake that just would not materialize during this maddening final first set.

Hawks Flying High

  Hawks Flying High

With 4 service errors during that first set, Canyon Lake might have lost those chances for a needed victory to start this game with a win.

The next two sets were all Needville bolting out to a 10-4 lead and eventual second set win. CL did close the gap during a Hasness service that brought the deficit down to two points, 9-11. This rally had Hasness and Riley Mickey with kills.

Hawk fans witnessed a Regan Mickey set to her younger sister, Riley Mickey, for a kill on this rally.

“I will miss her,” Regan Mickey said in response to playing with her sister Riley.”

Needville, however, would continued to apply pressure for a 9 point second set victory.

Canyon Lake had one last chance for continuing their night with a, 2-0 start in the 3rd set but that was when the wheels came off the proverbial wagon as the Blue Jays would have a 9 point service which made another comeback too jaunting against a state ranked opponent.

The 26 wins was shy of their last two campaigns but it was good enough for the 3rd most in Hawk history for a season.

“We proved to everyone that we were deserving this year,” Regan Mickey closed. “This team came together and that gives us satisfaction.”

Hill Country Furnishings says way to go Hawks

Hill Country Furnishings says way to Go Hawks!

CL had their 3rd best winning percentage (.667) which tied for 2nd with the 2014 squad for a .667 district percentage.

On seeing this senior class leaving the court for the last time, “I am very proud of them as they stepped up to the plate and I enjoyed watching them these last 4 years, Coach Paisley finished.”

Volleyball has catapulted to the top of Hawk sports as this CL sport has a 180-137 all-time record and with talented Sub-Varsity players waiting for a chance to help fill the vacated spaces of this Senior Class and forge new trails in the coming seasons.

Congrats Hawks the Hawk Nation is proud of your accomplishments.

 Game Hawk Leaders:
 Kills:   Alysha Perez                10
 Assists: Regan Mickey                25
 Digs:    Sam York                    16
 Aces:    Savanna Cox & Hanna White    1
 Blocks:  Paige Bower                  2


                                Final Hawk Season Stats:
 Kills                         Ace                           Assists
 Faith Hasness        288      Hanna White            53     Regan Mickey           728
 Anna Bettersworth    218      Faith Hasness          40     Faith Hasness          502
 Landry Hollums       132      Anna Bettersworth      32     Sam York               228
 Regan Mickey         132      Sam York               31     Amber Voigt             51
 Paige Bower          123      Regan Mickey           27     Hanna White             25
 Alysha Perez         118      Landry Hollums         17     Paige Bower             24
 Kaylie Duke           79      Amber Voigt            10     Alysha Perez            14
 Riley Mickey          33      Savanna Cox             6     Daniella Bustamante     14
 Felicity Niestemski   18      Paige Bower             6     Anna Bettersworth       13
 Zoe Edwards           13      Daniella Bustamante     4     Riley Mickey             9
 Sam York               9                                    Landry Hollums           9
 Hanna White            8                                    Kaylie Duke              5
 Amber Voigt            3                                    Zoe Edwards              4
 Daniella Bustamante    2                                    Savanna Cox              3
 Savanna Cox            1                                    Felicity Niestemski      1

 Blocks                                                       Digs
 Anna Bettersworth    119                                     Sam York              464
 Paige Bower           81                                     Regan Mickey          322
 Regan Mickey          34                                     Faith Hasness         294
 Faith Hasness         18                                     Hanna White           192
 Landry Hollums        12                                     Amber Voigt           129
 Riley Mickey          10                                     Daniella Bustamante   114
 Alysha Perez           7                                     Landry Hollums         86
 Kaylie Duke            6                                     Alysha Perez           69
 Felicity Niestemski    6                                     Anna Bettersworth      49
 Zoe Edwards            4                                     Paige Bower            37
                                                              Savanna Cox            25
                                                              Kaylie Duke            23
                                                              Riley Mickey           22
                                                              Felicity Niestemski    11
                                                              Zoe Edwards             4