Girls Basketball | December 22, 2016

Basketball: Lady Hawk’s District 28-4A Prognosis

                         Girls Basketball 28-4A Standings

                         Team              W   L     Pct.
                         Fredericksburg   17   3    .850
                         Boerne           11   2    .846
                         Hondo            14   4    .778
                         CL Hawks         11   7    .611
                         Bandera           8   6    .571

   Fredericksburg            Common Opponents            Hondo Owls
   Billies 53  Lampasas   15                             Owls  42  Marion     58
   Billies 60  La Vernia  38                             Owls  56  Bandera    49
   Billies 47  Navarro    44                             Owls  63  Wimberley  55
   Billies 53  Wimberley  35
   Billies 47  Marion     33

   Boerne Greyhounds                                     Bandera Bulldogs
   Hounds 60  Marion      43                             Dogs  32  Marion     78
   Hounds 55  La Vernia   50                             Dogs  49  Hondo      56
                                                         Dogs  55  La Vernia  66
                                                         Dogs  62  Somerset   48

                                      CL Hawks
                              Hawks  51  Wimberley  49
                              Hawks  47  Lampasas   38
                              Hawks  57  Navarro    53
                              Hawks  64  La Vernia  52
                              Hawks  50  Somerset   37


            Fly High Hawks!!

As the District 28-4A season draws closer, The ReSporter, went through the 5 schools that have set up residence for the next two years in the same district. The above scores have common opponents that gives us a chance to see how the race might play out.

To say that this will be a rough basketball neighborhood would be an understatement as a casual observer would be impressed as there is not one team that is below .500 this season with their slate of games.

Four of the five teams above will punch a ticket for the post-season and how this year’s games are stacking up, each school could be above water when those accolades are handed out.

Three of the 5 schools are ranked in the top 25 in the TABC Poll. The ReSporter cannot fathom how Polling in Texas can have anyone who has witnessed all of the basketball programs and would have any idea how to rank them.

Texas is a large state, in case you were wondering, and knowing and placing all the schools from the Sabine River to the Mountain Standard Time Zone in Far West Texas would be a fruitless endeavor. With that being the case, you have to give some credibility for the polling and know that these 3 schools are good.

Patriot Propane is All In for       Hawk Basketball

Fredericksburg (12), Boerne (21), and Hondo (23) are the three schools that are ranked and this will certainly give Canyon Lake an uphill battle for claiming a higher than 4th seed for the playoffs.

That leads us to a quest of staying regional and seeing how District 28-4A Schools stack up with other districts.

Starting with the alphabet, The ReSporter, will begin with Bandera and common opponents that these 5 district companions have played so far.

Bandera has already faced and lost to Hondo and were beaten by La Vernia which is one connection the Bulldogs have with Canyon Lake after a Hawk win over LV in their last contest.

Another game with Somerset had both teams winning as CL played on the road while Bandera won this contest at their place.

Next up is Boerne and Canyon Lake has just one game that is common with LV Bears being that common opponent.

   Go Hawks

Boerne played the Bears earlier in the year as the Hawk game was earlier this week. The Hounds won by 5 points while CL’s victory was 12 points with some other tidbits that would favor your home team.

Canyon Lake was missing one of their starters and brought up 2 more Freshman players to have enough players in case of an injury or foul trouble. Foul trouble was certainly a factor in that Hawk win but there is no way of knowing what tangible evidence the Boerne game with La Vernia might have played against the Greyhounds.

That game might have had players not present or the game might have been during a tournament that could have had several variables resulting in a closer than expected contest.

Next up on the docket is Hondo who already knows they can beat Bandera and there is one common team with the Hawks in Wimberley. The Texans were on the losing side with both 29-4A teams as the Owls won their game by 8 points and CL’s contest was much closer winning by 2 points.

                   Go Lady Hawks!!

That is a statistical tie at this point until more games can be played to give observers an idea of just how close these two schools might play when district starts.

Fredericksburg who is the highest rated of the district teams with 4 common teams matching up with the Hawks going into this Christmas Break.

There is just one game that a score was right in the same vicinity as Canyon Lake.


                            Fredericksburg           CL Hawks
 Game 1 Navarro                 47-44                 57-53
 Game 2 Wimberley               53-35                 51-49
 Game 3 Lampasas                53-15                 47-38
 Game 4 La Vernia               60-38                 64-52

All of the 4 schools were wins, however, you can tell that the Billies had a little more fun during their games as they outscored the 4 teams by 81 points compared to the Hawks 27 points.

CL can only claim the game with Navarro as a statistical tie with both wins separated by 4 and 3 points.

Another way of seeing just how much Fredericksburg might be versus your Hawks will be settled when they meet CL during the Burnet Tournament.

That battle will be the first game at the Burnet Tournament on December 29th at 11:00am.