Coaches Corner, Girls Soccer | December 29, 2016

Coaches Corner with Girls Soccer Ryan Tierney

The ReSporter: What excites you about this year’s group of ladies?

Coach Tierney: “I am excited about the amount of experience we have coming back this season. The attitude these girls are bringing back this year should be exciting to watch.”

The ReSporter: Girl’s Soccer has been in a playoff several times now, what is the next step you would like to make with this group?

Coach Tierney: “The next step is playing with and even beating teams that are at that state championship level. We have to be able to play with quality teams to make a run in the playoffs.”

The ReSporter: Give us your strengths on offense for this year.

Hancock Mini-Mart Says Go Hawks

Coach Tierney: “The strength in our offense stems from our midfielders. These girls have skill and attitude. If we can control the middle third of the field we can win games.”

The ReSporter: Give us your strengths on defense going into this season.

Coach Tierney: “Again it’s the experience. I have 3 returning starters on defense and I moved one of our tougher forwards to the back to try and instill a tough defense. We gave up 62 goals last season. It has been a main focus for us this year to decrease that number and decrease it drastically.”

The ReSporter: What players are you expecting to see make a major contribution?

Coach Tierney: “Where to begin? I am looking at all players to make major contributions this year. From new faces to varsity, to skilled veterans it takes them all. I love this game because it really is the ultimate team sport.”

               Go Hawk Soccer

The ReSporter: We know your district will be tough as usual, what will this team need to do in getting to the playoffs and how will your pre-district schedule accomplish that feat?

Coach Tierney: “It’s business as usual in district. With 3 teams ranked in top 10 in region IV and 1 top 10 state ranked team, we have our work cut out for us. We will have to show up every game. Pre season should help prepare us for a tough district. This is the toughest schedule we’ve had since I’ve coached here. We play quality 5A schools, quality private schools and schools that can give us a run for our money week in and week out. Should be a schedule that helps define our identity as a team.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and go get’em this season!!