Boys Basketball, Game Article | December 17, 2016

Hawks Open Presents Early in Win over Jourdanton, 58-47

Parker Mott is all smiles after having 7 assists in his first start.

Canyon Lake got their game going in the second half to pull out a win over Jourdanton as the Hawks kept their 3rd straight team to 47 points in the win, 58-47.

“It was ugly,” Head Basketball Coach Luke Chapman said. “We executed in the 2nd half as we put a new offense in and when we ran it, it looked good.”

Ugly wins are still wins and there was a time not too long ago that any type of win would have been accepted like a 6 year old going after presents on Christmas day under the Tree.

The Hawks will take a Christmas Break as they go back to the hard wood in the Fredericksburg Tourney, December 27th and hopefully after opening some presents will reap more improvements in their game.

This contest had CL with a chance to open some presents early with a good night of free throw shooting (84%) from the line and that went a long way in keeping the distance needed for this victory.

Canyon Lake found themselves with just a one point lead in the 4th quarter, 40-39 and then responded nicely when Rory Preiss had a couple of steals and some slashing moves to the rim resulting in lay-ups.

Alternative Pest Control says          Go Hawks

The Hawks would close out the game with some good defense and scoring from the charity stripe that for this night, could be called a ‘Free’ shot.

Heath McDonough found a double-double under the tree as he had half of CL’s total rebounds with 14 to go with his 10 points. This type of line score will go a long way as this season gets into a groove.

This was McDonough’s second game of impressive play under the basket with good moves for scoring and a,  go and get it,  attitude rebounding wise. Heath’s rebounding was so solid that Hawk players were getting distance from Heath as he has become an animal around the rim.

The renaissance of McDonough and how he has improved as this season has matured is a huge boost to how CL will approach district play when the New Year comes calling.

   Hawks Flying High

“I noticed I can do that,” McDonough said when commenting on how well he has started to gravitate to a missed shot and getting rebounds. “I will just keep doing it as it felt good and now we will need to stay focused….I got a basketball hoop for Christmas and I will be working on my shot over the break.”

There is the evidence of opening some early presents this Christmas Season.

Rory Preiss led Canyon Lake with 16 points and is now on top of the Hawk scoring heap after passing Andrew Riali with a total of 607 points and counting.


                   On top of the Heap with Hawk's Top 5 for Rory Preiss

 Scoring                    Steals                    Rebounds
 Rory Preiss       607      Rory Preiss        103    Rory Preiss         411
 Andrew Riali      594      Neal Whitehead      78    Sean Nolan          368
 Matt Magness      555      Tanner Jones        76    Andrew Riali        296
 Brandon Ward      498      Matt Magness        69    Tyler Williams      254
 Stuart Lowry      407      Skyler Tschoepe     69    Skyler Tschoepe     249

Preiss also contributed 5 steals for the Hawks as the team finished with 12 for the night.

On how Preiss has been upping his offensive game, “I have been working every day and coming off screens and working on my short game which opens up my drives to the basket which is the key to my game and once I got going it just opened up my shot.”

Preiss’ scoring has been on this season but his consistency is what will continue to give the Hawks the coal for that fire while opening presents this Christmas Season.

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Another welcome sight was from the guard position as Gerrit Wilkins did not play leading to a starting role for Parker Mott who posted 7 assists with 5 points against the Indians.

“It felt good to be a first time starter,” Mott commented on what was going through his mind as he got his first start. “I was a little nervous but it felt good to be out there.”

On what was mentioned in the half-time break, “We talked on how we needed to get back in transition and having a better defense which helped in our making shots.”

Those dishes (assists) certainly was a key ingredient to helping the offense out of their doldrums as the second half had the Hawks scoring 33 points.

Another important part of Canyon Lake’s game is Jacob Ramirez as this sharp shooter continues to get his legs in shape after missing those early games.

Ramirez had a solid 11 points and a stat number for every category but one, missing on blocking a Jourdanton shot, but a consistent game from this young man will accentuate a good rotation for the Hawks.

Opening presents early has paid dividends as Canyon Lake will try to continue there game when the season opens back up later this month.

Go Hawks and Merry Christmas!!

                1   2   3   4   Final
 CL Hawks      15  10  15  18   58
 Jourdanton     9  11  14  13   47

                           3pt            tot  rebounds
                 fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta  pts  or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Jacob Ramirez     3-9     3-8     2-3    11    3-2   5  3  2  0  2
 Bennie Brownlee   1-4     0-1     1-2     3    0-0   0  0  0  0  0
 Ryner Martin      0-5     0-5     2-2     2    0-1   1  1  3  1  1
 Rory Preiss       7-11    0-2     2-2    16    0-1   1  2  5  2  3
 Heath McDonough   3-4     0-0     4-4    10    3-11 14  0  0  0  2
 Caimen McDonough  2-4     0-0     0-0     4    0-1   1  0  0  0  1
 Parker Mott       1-4     1-4     2-2     5    1-1   2  7  1  0  2
 Joseph Boyd       1-3     0-0     1-2     3    0-1   1  0  0  0  2
 Tyler Williams    1-3     0-1     2-2     4    1-1   2  0  1  0  2
 Jacob Pistokache  0-0     0-0     0-0     0    0-0   0  0  0  0  1
 totals           19-47    4-21   16-19   58    8-19 27 13 12  3 16
 percentages       40%     19%     84%