Game Article, Girls Basketball | December 4, 2016

Lady Hawks Learning to Walk before they Sprint to Wins after Canyon Tourney

Char Hutson one of many Hawks that do those important little things

Char Hutson one of many Hawks that do those important little things

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks wrestled through another tough tournament while going 1-3 this weekend in New Braunfels at Canyon High School.

The Hawks were in all of their games but having such a diverse team that ranges from freshman to seniors on the roster will many times produce those parts of the game where climbing the mountain a fall is always around the corner.

In most of these contests, the Hawks, started slow and found themselves trying to catch up to have a chance for the win.

CL had 5 freshman on the roster and getting significant playing time for future games that will prove fruitful.

“Overall, the tournament was tough and we had moments of good with some struggles,” Head Coach Zach Burleson surmised. “We didn’t play our best at all times but hopefully playing bigger schools will help us prepare for the district season.”

Canyon Lake did beat Austin Eastside, 72-20 for their only win but all of the games had the Hawks close enough to give their opponent some anxious moments.

In the Sam Houston game, Canyon Lake was behind by 15 points but battled back to be within a tying shot near the end of the game.

Big Country-Pizza says get your Pizza to Go Hawks!!

Big Country-Pizza says get your Pizza to Go Hawks!!

“The frustrating thing for us is that we could have won every one of those first three games,” Coach Burleson said optimistically. “We had a lead in the New Braunfels game in the 4th quarter and missed too many opportunities in our game with Sam Houston….we really did not come out well in the Bridge City game but the good news is that out of the 7 games we have lost, we can look at what we can do just a little better.”

Having so many freshman contributing is something Canyon Lake would experience when the school was just gearing up in 2008, but even in those formative years, the Hawks did not start playing competitively until those students were Juniors.

“This tournament gave us a look at the future with five freshman playing, so that is positive,” Coach Burleson said.

The Hawks have unsung players that go to work each game with scoring not being their main goal. Char Hutson is one of those players that does many of those little things that helps the total picture.

Go Hawks!!

                      Go Hawks!!

After an early morning game Hutson offered these words, “I think we were still asleep and we just did not have any energy…and then we picked it up and pushed it hard and we could have won.”

Hutson was commenting on their early game with Bridge City which typified many of the contests as CL seemed to be starting from behind in many of those losses.

Canyon Lake is crawling right now but hopefully soon the team will start to walk (not in the turnover vein) and then start to run for the finish line this and for those future years.

Go Hawks!!


                                3pt         tot  rebounds
                    fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts  or-dr  tot a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst         1-6     0-0     1-2    3    0-6    6  3  3  0   4
 Mia Riali            3-10    0-1     1-5    7    1-10  11  1  4  0   7
 Lainee Moses         4-16    0-4     0-2    8    0-8    8  2  2  0   8
 Marley Carrizales    1-7     0-0     0-0    2    1-6    7  2  5  0   0
 Caroline Kullberg    4-8     0-0     0-0    8    3-4    7  0  0  0   2
 Chelsea Tschoepe     3-16    0-3     2-4    8    8-13  21  3  4  0   7
 Char Hutson          2-7     1-4     0-0    5    1-5    6  1  3  1   4
 Emily McDonald       0-1     0-0     0-0    0    0-0    0  0  0  0   0
 Alexa Ramos         13-40    0-2     4-17  30    3-7   10  4  9  1  18
 Sarah Russell       11-23    4-8     0-0   26    0-2    2  1  2  0   5
 Reagan Heun         11-46    4-19   23-27  49    3-18  21  2  7  4  22
 Jessie Melendez     10-23    0-0     4-7   24   12-17  29  1  3  2   7
 Totals              63-203   9-41   35-64 170   32-96 128 20 42  8  84
 Percentages          31%     22%     55%