Boys Basketball, Game Article | January 28, 2017

CLJV Get Rabbit Before a Greyhound in Win, 44-36


Hawk Boy’s JV got their 11th straight win after catching the *rabbit and game, 44-36 over Boerne JV.

CLJV is now 4-0 in District 28-4A play and will start the 2nd round next week when they travel to Hondo.

Mike Miller Time on the Court in Win over Boerne 

The Hawks beat the Greyhounds to the rabbit as Canyon Lake had to work out of a 22-17 deficit in starting the 2nd half.

This game was won in the 3rd quarter when the Hawks raced out with a, 19-5 advantage. Offense and Defense was on a grand scale as everything in this 3rd quarter went like clock work.

Starters and the bench were on the same page as foul trouble did not deter the resolve this Hawk team that has one goal and that is finishing this year with a 15 game winning streak.

During that second half blitz, Zach Taliaferro had a nifty no-look perfect pass to Anthony Zavala for a high octane points that put the crowd in hyper speed.

Mike Miller came off the bench when Hank Jordan had foul concerns and kept the team’s energy in going with a great shot to go along with defensive pressure that helped the Hawks to continue this quarter with dominance.

       Hawks Fly High in Win!!

“After a (Michael) Harwell lay up, it got us going,” Miller said.”We had some big energy and I could feel it for our offense.”

That was certainly what happened as CL scored more (19 points) in that 3rd quarter than they had accumulated in the first half (17 points).

Miller is one of those important bench players that when they are substituted in, must find a way to contribute when called upon. “I did not want to make a stupid turnover,” was what Miller was thinking when he went into the game after Hank Jordan was called for another foul.

“We were going to win,” Miller said when asked what he was thinking during his impressive time on the court and scoring his two points.

Michael Harwell was high point with 13 points as Taliaferro (11) and Sam Schimank (10) joined the double digit scoring column.

Zach Taliaferro assists the Hawks in victory

Schimank had 3 from behind the arc and Taliaferro joined this club scoring one goal outside the 3-point line.

“This is a team game and I had some good luck and we just spread the floor,” Taliaferro stated. “Coach gave us a good halftime speech and that boosted our confidence….It inspired us.”

On what he was thinking on his no-look assist to Zavala? “Before the game we were watching a Jason Williams (NBA Player) Video and that inspired me….I saw Anthony out of the corner of my eye and I knew if I could get him the ball that he was going to score.”

Good game in keeping the winning streak streaking needing just 4 more games of good team play to finish this season on the upside.

Canyon Lake was dressing that rabbit before the Greyhounds could finish the race and now the Hawks will have to see if they can be smarter than a Owl.

Go Hawks and Beat Hondo for lucky 13!!

* For those readers needing to know, Greyhounds race around a track chasing a rabbit. Track racing uses an artificial lure (now based on a windsock) that travels ahead of the dogs on a rail until the greyhounds cross the finish line.

               1   2   3   4   Final
 Boerne JV    14   8   5   9   36
 CLJV          6  11  19   8   44
 Scorers: Michael Harwell 13, Zach Taliaferro 11,
 Sam Schimank 10, Mike Miller 2, Tae Gray 2,
 Noah Gray 2, Hank Jordan 2, Anthony Zavala 2.