Cross Country, Girls Basketball | January 19, 2017

Coaches Corner with Zach Burleson

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: First off, Coach…has this district panned out as expected in how strong the teams are?

Coach Burleson: “Yeah, we knew going in it would be tough. Not only are there no nights off, there are no quarters off. Meaning, 1 bad quarter will cost you the game. That’s what we are up against.”

The ReSporter: What can you take away from the loss to Fredericksburg on Tuesday based on your earlier loss and how this game finished?

Coach Burleson: “It was our best effort in a month. Win or lose, I am very proud of our effort. I felt our 1st half was great meaning that our intensity level was where it’s needs to be. We gave ourselves a chance, just were not able to score enough tonight. But, if we can match that intensity that we displayed, it will give us opportunities to knock somebody off.”

The ReSporter: The Bandera game will make or break this year’s season in giving you a win that is much needed how do you see this upcoming battle?

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Coach Burleson: “We have to get 2 wins. Anyway we can get them. This is a big game for sure. We will have to make life difficult for their pg (Bandera)and have to deal with their athleticism. They are pretty big and athletic, so rebounding will be crucial. Offensively, we will have to handle their press and their zone. If we play well, we have a shot.”

The ReSporter: Being a team that is so young, I know Coaches are in the moment, but seeing how well your Sub-Varsity teams are doing how do you assess this group of underclassman at this moment?

Coach Burleson: “Very excited. We are young. We lose Mia, but everyone else returns. That includes our jvs. We will still be young next year but the future is bright if we continue to work and put the time in. I feel that even though this district is loaded, our freshmen class is currently as good as anybody. The key is whether or not we put the necessary time in. If we do, then we can really do something.”

The ReSporter: Freshman have not played this many games compared to Middle School, how do you keep the younger players focused on their tasks?

   Go Lady Hawks Beat Bandera

Coach Burleson: “It is a lot of basketball for that group. It’s the best thing for them. Play,play, play. We are just getting better. 3 are having to make major contributions at the highest varsity level in the region. A couple more are having to play kinda out of position at the jv level. It’s tough, but it’s a great learning experience. I feel like they have responded well. Super excited about the possibilities.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck in Bandera this Friday.